Will.B returns to ‘Pearls’ for 2021 remix alongside Bowski & TP

Following on from a cracking start to the year from a lot of different Brighton based artists, again, despite the madness that we seem to be becoming quite acustomed to in our current time zone, we are very excited to be back on Soapbox, once again showcasing a musician we have got a lot of time for. Although not a Brighton native, Will.B has some serious ties to the city and having popped up here numerous times, we felt it was only right to extend the branch to keep you updated on his current musicial movements.

2020 was without a doubt a real breakout year Will.B, whose very pop-influenced approach to UK rap music has seen him really start to climb up the UK rankings, going semi-viral on Tik Tok with his previous releases and ending the final months of the year of with ‘Pearls’, a catchy singalong anthem alongside Bowski which again, caught the attention of his rapidly growing Spotify audience to say the least.

This time around, he is also joined by TP, who gets involved for an official ‘Pearls’ remix, adding an additional verse and giving us a real excuse to take in those super catchy melodies for an additional run in. This is, within six days of the restart, a solid move into 2021 for Will.B, whose new musical outputs we intend to watch keenly down here at Soapbox HQ.

You can take a listen to the track via Will.B’s SoundCloud page below:

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