White Room | The Haunt, Brighton | 11.1.14


Living up to expectations, White Room delivered a memorable performance last weekend. Flowing songs into each other, shuffling the set up and maintaining the crowds excitement isn’t easy, but White Room didn’t seem phased. A great way to introduce your new name.

Seamless. That’d be one way to describe White Room’s performance on Saturday. But for me, the stand out factor was their maturity. White Room are a band that display so much flair and vivacity in their performances, and when doing that, you can look a bit stupid. Not these guys. That being said, I feel the band didn’t show the same energy as they may have done in previous performances. However, once they got going their vivacious side came back, and as the set came to a close they were at their best again.

Constantly changing instruments, tempos and styles, White Room’s set was deep and diverse. A confident keyboard piece from frontman Jake Smallwood underlined the bands versatility. I actually spoke to Jake after the show, when asked about gigging this year, he said “we’re mainly going to be recording, finding our sound.” That’s really something to look forward to because of their ever-changing styles. Soapbox will definitely be keeping track of White Room this year.

Preceding White Room were Don Komodo, a five-piece with a knack for getting the crowd going. The front man, Louis Barrett, was at his best, and the rest of the band complemented this with a tight performance. Another individual performance that really stood out was the backing vocalist/guitarist, he put on an ardent display which isn’t always the case with backing vocalists. That being said, the whole band were excellent, a truly impressive performance from Don Komodo. Soapbox weren’t present at their headline gig last year but if Saturday’s performance was anything to go by, they definitely deserve to headline a show later this year.

Looking back, it was a great show. All the vocalists were on point and the level of depth in White Room’s set was great to experience. The absence of their incredible “Laura” cover was notable – but in some ways that didn’t matter, their cover of “Just The Two Of Us” was sick! An ode to Grover Washington and Bill Withers? Maybe not, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

Photos of the night can be found on the Facebook pages of White Room and Don Komodo.

Written by Myles Burrell

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