Well hello again, Brighton..

Well, it’s most certainly been a while since our last post, almost two years in fact, doesn’t time absolutely zoom by when the world is imploding?

So, long story short, we are Soapbox and we used to be pretty damn hot around this Brightonian block, documenting the various musical goings on, filming freestyle sessions, you know, doing bloggy media company-type stuff. To tell you all the truth, we, as in the original members of the Soapox team have all been very busy getting involved in the music and media industries on various levels. The majority of us are now full time doing the jobs we love, which Soapbox played a very big part in securing, from radio and broadcasting to mainstream news to record label management to photography and film, for all of us, it stemmed for this lovely lil website we call home.

So, as we’ve all seemingly got a little bit of spare time, given the fact that outdoorsyland is somewhat forbidden for the most part and live events have become the apparent work of the devil himself, we thought we’d unearth a few of our original roots and bring back the platform where it all started with a bit of a catch up on what’s been going down around our fair city in regards music specifically.

Back in the day, we were a pretty popular platform for the likes of Brighton’s hip hop community, often being on hand to record live content and host premieres etc. let us not forget, this is the city in which High Focus first made their name, the city in which the first Don’t Flop battle was recorded, we have a fantastic hip hop history here. To keep it plain, Brighton’s hip hop community has never looked stronger in our eyes, with our own heavyweights like Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn carving a path around the country and back again with their ever-more original approaches. We are also seeing veterans of the Brighton scene such as Ceezlin & Hatter getting ready to release their brand new album project ‘Hatzlin’, which has recieved a tonne of national radio exposure. The availability that the Bottega Rooms building has brought to the table has been exceptional, with a number of studio spaces being available 24/7, including the backroom which Gi3mo & Sherlock Bones reside in. Having stuck my head around the door a couple of times during shoots, it definitely sounds like there’s a tonne of exciting works en route!

Ceezlin & Hatter at Bottega Rooms for CubCamTV –

– Bottega Rooms, rehearsal studio –

It gets even more exciting when we look to the new school however, with the likes of Nelson Navarro, Taff, Boudicca, Trickk and the whole of the Lawspot and Collective Mind teams bringing something fresh and vibrant to the table and that’s before we get into the likes of Dred, Mask, Verbz & Mr Slipz, Bobbie Johnson, Mrisi, Phonetic and a bag more making waves. There are bound to be people I have missed throughout the full length of this article, so I’m apologizing now to get that out of the way! The community element of Brighton’s rap scene has never been stronger by the looks of things. Brighton is a small place and with everyone knowing everyone, it just makes for a better environment all around.

– Nelson Navarro –

Alongside the fabulous addition of Bottega Rooms to Brighton’s useable venues, we have seen numerous radio stations pop up and rise to local infamy in that time, giving the DJ’s a platform to perform and hone their skills alongside the live performers. Now as a Trickstar Radio Presenter, DJ and representitive, I’m going to be a tad biased on this one, what with me doing the breakfast show and everything, but hey ho it’s my article. As a station it’s been wicked to see so many DJ’s and producers grow into their residencies, with the likes of Bushbaby, Taiki Nulight, Distinkt, Noble, Zero, Pavv, Freddie Martin, Movement, Tengu, Mofaux, Cortese, Faro, Pedrin Edu, Drumwork, Baloo, Marauder and many more local heavyweights holding down residencies at some point or another over the past few years. We have also seen solid work from the likes of 1BTN & Platform B, who have both been hard at work pushing local talent around the city, with new boys Decadance hot on their tails.

– Mofaux, Tengu, Pavv, Duke Sky, KXVU, Freddie Martin, Josh Gunston – The Southpoint Show – Trickstar Radio, Studio 2 –

This has played a big part in Brighton’s bass, garage and grime production circles growing ever stronger, which again, has been an absolute pleasure to watch. When you then couple this with regular events such as Foundations at Patterns and The Alley at The Arch bringing forward a bag of residents to a more centre stage, there really is now wonder that the cities musical community is absolutely thriving right about now. This has given rise to some fantastic artists emerging out of the Brighton scene, none more so than Bklava, whose recent signing with Ministry Of Sound has seen her land into that New Music Friday playlist numerous times across the year. Something something something, check out the Brighton-based underground dance music label I co-founded – www.southpointmusic.co.uk

– Hamdi at Foundations, Patterns –

Now from my personal angle, I am not as involved with the live side of things, so it’s an area that unfortunately I am not going to be as clued up as I could be, however, with the likes of Ruins In Gold‘s new label project Annecy Records, home to Sabrina & Rainy Dancer, alongside the ever-ready QM Records, spearheaded by the wonderful Normanton Street, I would assume this side of things is in very safe hands. This isn’t all however, with the recent addition to the cities constantly evolving roster of Kareful, founder and head honcho over at Liquid Ritual, we have also seen a fantastic expansion into the wave sound, with artists such as Eone already being recognized names to begin with. This is definitely an exciting path we are looking forward to seeing develop.

– Munya w/ Azariah Sheeley on QM Records TV –

– Kareful –

And then there’s myself. Hello, I’m Jay, AKA KXVU, yes, as in Lion King 2’s Kovu. I was one of the original members of this fabulous Soapbox team and given the fact that writing is a big part of professional life, it would be a crime to not be contributing to the platform where it all began. You can catch me over on youtube.com/cubcamtv, alongside my breakfast show on Trickstar Radio from 07:00 – 10:00, Monday to Friday, although I am on a Christmas break right about now, so I will be seeing you all in the new year.

Hey look it’s me!

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