Weekly Roundup – October 26 – November 1st


We are back for another edition of our weekly round ups, again we will try to bring you the best of what Brighton’s ever busy music scene has to offer. This week we take a look at a couple of new names on the production block, and a couple of names making a well awaited comeback!

After a short absence, we are happy to welcome Gizmo to our screens with a brand new music video to promote the release of his upcoming album “The Untold Story of Gary Guttersnypes.” The video works through a few interesting concepts, which all work well together as well as working with the track title “Sultan” . Gizmo delivers a great vocal performance, with a strong use of multisyllabic rhyming patterns churned out with his extremely different style of rap delivery.

With the dubstep scene being in the terrible state it is, it’s great to see something genuinely powerful and original. Klax are one of these acts. Their latest track to be released through Uprise Audio is entitled “Link To The Past – Live From The Future” and is available for streaming and purchasing below!

Soapbox’s Sleepy-Gee returned from his Don’t Flop tryout in Hampstead Heath to see if he could step his game up at Set the Standard 9, at Brixton Jam with its pit-style environment was certainly the perfect place for the new boys to show what they were capable of. Sleepy-Gee managed to grab the win against Bard, whose towering stage presence will make him a tough match up for many people in the league.

The amount of up and coming bands that can be found in Brighton is quite overwhelming sometimes. “Oxjam” was one of the biggest events this year in which these bands were able to showcase their talent. This event was set to be fantastic, as the line-up assembled included local show stoppers such as Golding, The Harbour and Lhuna, just to name a few of the headliners. Stay tuned for our review of the event coming very soon. Our photos from the event can be found here!

Oxjam Photo

Next up we have a relative newcomer to Brighton’s underground scene, with a completely new angle from himself. Hordes is primarily known as a House producer, which is why we were so surprised to see this gem of a free download appear on our news feed! This is a great modern rework of the classic Grime anthem “Don’t Phone Me” featuring Ghetts and Brutal.

It is always good to see artist’s progression over the years, and we are pleased to see that Reika has finally found a suitable home for his first major release. As an artist that has progressed through many genres, Reika may have finally found a strong footing within house music. Both “The Night” and “Lifting us Up” combine a collection of strongly arranged sample’s layered over pulsating drum rhythms and weighty bass lines.

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Turner is another one of the few Dubstep producers who is still able to craft tracks with any replay value whatsoever. This is why we were pleased to see he has released this collection of tunes inside a mini mix. He has also stated that the most popular of the tunes will be released on its own as a free download. There are some absolute scorchers in there, so be sure to cast your votes!

Finally, this is what we have been up to this week. During Brighton’s main summer event, Shakedown, we caught up with UK rapper and song writer Mikill Pane for a quick interview, discussing how he has spent his summer, his progression as an artist and his opinions on having a Twitter following.

Stay tuned for next weeks round-up!

Written By Jay McDougall

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