Weekly Roundup – October 19-25

This week  brought out new material from Ceezlin, Wizard, Ozzie Sepia and more. The current work rate of many Brighton artists is high; notably, and despite being recently signed to SB.TV, Brighton based emcee Ceezlin is working on an astounding amount of collaborations.

The first of these to be unveiled to us this week comes in the form of an official music video. Ceezlin steps up alongside renowned Hip Hop/ Trap producer Wizard to create an instant classic. The track itself fuses possibly the pair’s strongest elements as artists. Ceezlin’s skippy rhyme schemes layer themselves over Wizard’s innovative combination of trap sounding drum patterns, with catchy middle eastern instrumentation punching through the mid and high frequencies.

The video itself is simple yet effective. No crazy special effects, just a simple private bar setting, with the cameras portraying either Ceezlin reciting lyrics, or the party behind him in full swing.

As well as this a new clip popped up on SoundCloud this week from the man himself,this time alongside the production talents of another Brighton based Cream Collective Representative OZZIE. The track itself is another great example of why Brighton is one of the greatest musical hubs in the country. The track itself is heavily trap influenced, a simple lead melody backed up with a prominent bass line. Good work from the both of them!

Next we have a new piece from what is, at the moment, a relatively unknown name. Kideko has jumped onto Brighton’s ever growing House music scene with an absolute scorcher, a bootleg rework of Phats & Small’s timeless classic – Turn Around. Come to think of it, rework may be a bit too shy a word to use, as Kideko has completely redesigned the track, and forged it into one of the strongest bootlegs this year! If this wasn’t good enough, the track is also available for free download, so be sure to grab it free from the link below!

Finally we have an ex Brighton legend! Sepia returns to our ears with his fantastic new EP release on Greek label “Indigo Movement.” With his popularity as a producer and as an artist rapidly rising, this EP is a great way to show any doubters that he is here to stay. With the project being entitled the “No One Is Safe EP”, Sepia takes us on a journey through many different areas of modern bass music.

The title track “No One Is Safe” negotiates its way through spacey drum loops with an incredibly powerful use of panning. This combined with the layers of 8bitty goodness provide a sumptuous feast for those interested in the expanding scene which is IDM. This is followed by a more classic sounding Sepia track. “Because Of Me” is a great example of how to creatively revamp a vocal sample. When you combine this with the different sections of percussion all dripping through the mix, you end up with something that is truly mind boggling!

“Bullets” seems to be inspired from a more “Grimey” set of influences. Subby distorted bass stabs are layered at the beginning of each major phrase. As well as this there is an array of tribal percussion all blended together and placed over eerie atmospheric synths sounds to create yet another unusual piece. Sepia has clearly grown as a producer and found his niche within a crowded market. His use of percussive patterns are phenomenal. Nowhere is this clearer than in “Look Around You.”The great thing about this track is that there is essentially no melody. The entire track is built around how different percussive elements can harmonically benefit each other, and it is great to behold.

The EP is available to buy now and stream for free below!

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