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“So how long have you been supporting New York Yankees for then?” – The sarcastic remark that goes through the head of many people when they spot someone in the UK wearing a flatpeak branded with an American sports team. Vincentius Apparel have done something about it, they’ve created a whole new concept of headwear with their UK football team snapbacks.

Launching in August, just in time for the new season, Vincentius Apparel have already got plans to expand their range to include t-shirts and ever more teams, which is sick! Their current stock is pretty impressive, a simplistic yet impressive design that displays the nickname of the team in a huge font underneath their home city, for example: Manchester – RED DEVILS.

“With a bit of American influence and a touch of British class we designed some pretty dope snapbacks, and from there it just snowballed.”

VA also revealed that they have a few partnerships coming up in the near future, but that’s top secret for now. One thing that isn’t a secret, however, is their generosity; the snapback makers donate 5% of all profits to Unicef because they are firm believers in responsible trading.

The hats offer football fans one more way of showing their support through what they wear. Football shirts, socks and shorts aren’t socially acceptable to wear out, and scarves aren’t exactly clear indicators of who you support. For example, red and white could be Liverpool, Arsenal, Sunderland, Stoke, Southampton etc. But if you have “London Gunners” sprawled across the front of your snapback, the message gets across quicker, you stand out and you’re repping a fresh hat.

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You can also follow them on Twitter @Vincentius and use their hashtag #KeepItVA, or you can find them on Instagram: @Vincentius

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