Two Jackals + support | 05.01.13 | The Haunt, Brighton

The Harbour opened the night with a strong set, the lyrics leading into good hooks and melodies with a sound I’d be more than happy to hear on an album. The songs were fun to listen to with, it was original music at its best with well rounded vocals. The third track played was the one which stood out the most, with a complete free fall melody leading onto an awesome breakdown. There’s a lot to come from The Harbour in the coming years!

The Chances followed, frontman playing the keyboard with the moves of a rock star, but it was still enjoyable with good instrumentation and fitted the set into a good few songs with futuristic ideas, a bit reminiscent of The Killers, yet not quite able to match a Brandon Flowers lyricism and pitch, still impressive to be able to be exerting a decent amount of energy in the crowd and jumping like a madman. Yet the frontman still had a good backing in his members, all executed with perfectly echoed notes and a strong baseline throughout. For Marla were using a good backbone of drumming throughout, with impressive accompaniment of a constant bassline and differing guitar riffs. Unfortunately the vocals from the front man seemed to disappoint on the first couple of songs, his voice just seemed to blend into the backing too easily and not leave a substantial effect. This seemed to stop towards the later songs, with a good reason to get the foot tapping and guitar solos that help melt your mind alongside the vocal ability that really came into its own in the last few songs. Two Jackals started their set in an amazing way, with a hard beating from everyone in the band, making sure that every head was looking their way from the start. With the lead guitarist and singer as close as possible to the mic, breathing in the solemn low notes that attracted the listener to keep paying attention and join in this energy of hard beats and incredible riffs. Each song seemed to flow into the next, this is which captures the entire set, it just seemed to flow and be natural for all band members, each playing with the talent to rock thousands of people at a festival somewhere and yet still seem so intimate and close to the notes that followed. The night’s headliners played strong throughout, delivering songs of the highest calibre, each as impressive as the last. The melodies seemed to drive the majority of the tracks, but this isn’t a bad thing, proving valuable to the crowd’s reaction, including a small mosh pit. It really wasn’t a mosh pit though, just people shoulder barging.

Two Jackals finished their set and the night with an ambient guitar riff and keyboard chord, to allow the band to close the evening in the coolest of ways, while also bringing on a fellow guitarist to powerhouse the rest of the closing song, the crowd was jumping hard enough to shake the floor with strobes going off in every direction. The final song was easily the best out of the rest and Two Jackals showed their incredible potential for the future.

Written By Max Necus (@MaxNecus), photography by Myles Burrell.

**a higher resolution version of all photos posted are available on request of the photographed band/artist**

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