Tokyo Dice – Rep Your City

Represent your city! Tokyo Dice is a newly formed online clothing store who specialise in exclusive snapbacks. As well as their own unique headwear; they also create snapbacks with designs based on most major cities in the UK, to encourage you to represent where you’re from in style.

These hats were created with the idea to ‘Rep Your City’ in mind. Designs are included for London, Birmingham, Manchester and more, each with their own personal touch. Honestly though, each cap is as fresh as the next. I can’t see anything stopping someone from Liverpool rocking a Newcastle design. It’s all love and it’s all good.

One thing we noticed about the Tokyo Dice line was that they had no Brighton based designs. Being such an important city in the UK in terms of culture, we thought this was odd. After a few e-mail conversations, they informed us that Brighton snapbacks could potentially be in the pipeline for their next collection. This also meant working with us in terms of distribution and design. So coming up to the Christmas season you could be seeing SPBX/BTN Tokyo Dice snapbacks, which we guarantee will keep you fly ’till you die.

Keep locked to see the SoapBox team out and about repping Tokyo Dice, especially in some big and upcoming material. We highly recommend you check these guys out and maybe a buy a hat or two, simply because of the quality of the designs.

Make sure you cop some  limited edition headwear while you still can, they’re under £25 so you know it’s worth it; check out their website here, with 10% off any purchase for liking their facebook page. Don’t forget to follow @TokyoDice on Twitter.

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