The Top 5 Lockdown Kitchens in Brighton

Now 2020 has been a hell of a year for so many reasons. It hasn’t been an easy one, with so many different avenues of life seemingly collapsing and the general vibe of the country, not being as joyous as we could have hoped for moving towards the Christmas period. Lockdown has been an interesting time, but with every situation, comes opportunity at the end of the day.

Now Brighton has always been a bit of a foodie-haven. We exist in one of the most densely populated eatery cities in the world per square mile, with delights from around the world being available on nearly every corner, from extraudinary Asian experiences and vegan adventures to more traditional pub grub and hearty Italians, Brighton really does have them all.

With restaraunts having to close left right and centre, it has been a difficult time for the catering industry, however, even with that, we have seen numerous new brands rise to the top of the pile over the past year, even with lockdowns in place, which pretty damned impressive to say the least. Starting a business is never easy, so to do it as well as those on today’s list have in the current circumstances deserves a bit of a mention.

So here we go, our Top 5 Brightonian lockdown kitchen projects:


Being possibly the most talked about project on this list, it would’ve been an injustice to not include Sangsa in today’s selection. Coming from humble beginings in a home kitchen via Instagram DMs, Sangsa has gone on to become one of the cities most popular food franchises, with their first kitchen space landing at The Montpellier Inn to some incredibly good feedback.

Focussing on sumptuous Korean fried chicken, their range of speciality sauces and now their beloved vegan menu, they have become a real talk of the town with their attention to detail in the flavour combinations they have been able to find. Having recently opened up at The Tempest Inn on Brighton seafront, alongside a brand new venue in Notting Hill, the future looks bright for this sensational new company.

Cutting Shapes, Patterns

There’s no doubting that the world has changed drastically over the last nine months. The concept of a club providing food for it’s customers would have been unheard of in 2019, but now of course, it has become a nationwide necessity. Enter: Cutting Shapes, the brand new pizza kitchen hosted by Patterns, again on Brighton’s constantly shifting seafront. Having made my way down for a slice or two myself, I was thoroughly impressed with the pizza available.

An important thing to remember for any kitchen right now is you don’t want to stuff people to the point where they can’t enjoy their evening and this new menu combining thinner bases and lighter base sauces, provided by Sam McDuffie, previously of Deadwax Pizza, is exactly what the dancefloor ordered.

Jerk & Waffle

Now when puting this list together, I wanted to make sure I was covering all different areas of the lockdown kitchen statement. We have seen so many different food projects pop up over this time, with not all of them yet migrating into physical kitchen spaces. That is why Jerk & Waffle simply had to make our list, offering homemade and spiced chicken and waffle combination boxes for all to enjoy.

Having spoken to them on the breakfast show about the advancement of their menu and tried it myself, I couldn’t reccomend taking this place in highly enough, with the flavour combinations constantly shifting and changing to keep up with public demand. Hit them up on Instagram to find our their most recent delivery times: @jerk_and_waffle

Kebab Doner Mania

Standing as the only newly opened kebab shop on this listing, Kebab Mania was a new store I simply couldn’t leave off the selection, having eaten there numerous times in the past few weeks. Since opening, their aim has been to change the way people look at kebab shops in general, providing traditional homemade creations and flavour combinations that really do take the idea of a kebab to an entirely new level.

For me, the Mania Kebab has been a particular highlight, with the homemade garlic and chilli sauces and bread being a particular highlight of the kebab’s construction. Having only recently opened in the last couple of months, this is another highly reccomended visit along Western Road.

Original Toby’s

As the second pizza kitchen on today’s list, it would’ve been wrong to not include the magnificent Original Toby’s. Despite only opening at weekends for the current period, Toby’s has taken the city by storm with their incredible looking and tasting range of traditional pizza combinations, whilst also playing home to an incredible parmesan crust recipe that is simply to die for.

With pizza, especially in a town as crowded with Italian food outlets as Brighton, being able to stand out is essential, and we do honestly feel that Toby’s has hit the nail on the head when it comes to fusing the traditional with the futuristic. Open from Thursday through to Saturday night following their Christmas break with a full range of vegan alternatives, this one has to be on your list for 2021.

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