The Month In Grime: June

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In a month where grime and bass music have taken centre stage worldwide, both in the charts and on platforms such as culture clash, it is important to continue looking to the underground to see just how exciting things are getting for the grassroots of the genre at the moment. Here is a list of releases and track drops that have caught my attention this month.

Policy – Kingston Riddim EP

Policy is a name I feel the world ought to know by now. Through a collection of breaksy drum slices and highly intense bass instruments, the guy is crafting one of the most original styles in UK underground music. His most recent release Kingston Riddim features his mind boggling original work alongside remixes from Beanzo, Filthy Gears, JP, Sware & myself KXVU. The whole EP is worth a listen, and it’s free, so why wouldn’t you?

Mischief – Refix Champion

We recently featured Mischief’s latest project on the site. It’s a testimony to how creative it is as a refix album that we have to feature it again. Mischief is one of the faces leading the refix game alongside the likes of Glasgow’s Polonis and Bristol’s Gundam. Make sure you check out our full review.

Wiley – Ice Master (Creep N00M Remix)

Creep N00M is a producer that never seems to stop. This remix for me is one of his strongest works, purely for the fact that it stands out amongst the plethora of Wiley remixes that are churned out on the regular. If you can make one which stands out and still bangs, you’re on to a winner. This one has recently been released for free download by the guys over at Pear Drops.

Dubzta & Vader – Timeless Teachings

For a while now Dubzta has been solidified as a household name within grime’s producer circuit. With a powerful signature sound he teams up with Birmingham’s Vader for 10 track full collaboration project entitled Timeless Teachings. It’s a solid project from start to finish, something which seems to be a running theme with these single producer releases.

Kwam – 1, 2 Step (Produced by TC4)

On a production level, Wolverhampton’s TC4 are truly setting the pace with some of the crispiest mixdowns you’re likely to find this side this side of EDM. They recently partnered up with Kwam who laid down vocals over Reboot; the result was electric to say the least. Check it out via Kwam’s SoundCloud:

Filthy Gears – Apocalypse

There are few producers who have been putting out music at such a consistently high level of quality as Filthy Gears. The guy sends out a zip of 10+ new tunes every two weeks – it’s insane. His most recent EP, Apocalypse, features a collection of his more popular recent productions, and the whole EP is jam-packed with straight powerhouse grime instrumentals. It’s available to buy now via his Bandcamp page.

Bushbaby – Technicolour Yawn

It’s no secret that Bushbaby is one of Brighton’s future stars, already developing a loyal fan following and a unique sound within bassline. His most recent free release is a perfect example of his progression and maturing production style. Driven by dark lead bass synths and aggressive punchy drum patterns, Bushbaby has added yet another arm to his arsenal with Technicolour Yawn.

Yeti – Skengman

As this track is yet to be officially released it probably shouldn’t make this list, but it is available to stream below. I played it recently as the track of the week on Southpoint’s Trickstar Radio show as it blew me sideways, taking almost a Kapsize style of production, with glitchy electronic leads coupled with pulsating low end bass notation. With a high profile vocal confirmed on this track, Yeti is one of the names to look out for in the very near future.

Project Allout – Lengerz Vol. 2

It’s come round to that time again. Over the last 2 weeks or so Project Allout have been uploading promotional previews of all of the track featuring on their next mega compilation Lengerz Vol. 2. The compilation is already sending out tidal waves of noise, featuring artists such as Dubzta, Pavv, Skepsis, Deadbeat and Moony. The list just goes on and on and on.

Last but not least, I kind of have to plug the new Chameleon Audio release from myself. Primarily because of how awesome the artwork they got together was. Take a look listen here:

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