The Month In Grime – July

The Month In Grime - July

Neffa T – White Peach EP

It seems this year that White Peach can do no wrong, hitting fire release after fire release. The next project to drop comes from the notoriously rapid DJ Neffa T. His uniquely old school arrangement style works wonders in the creation of the three tracks that make up the ‘Tanker EP’. Our personal favourite of the three is the high energy untitled collaboration with Sh?m, which takes the BB side of this full vinyl release. Available to preview here:

Trends & Boylan – Krueger (feat. Riko Dan)

After creating last year’s most popular grime instrumental ‘Norman Bates’, the pressure has definitely been on for the next chapter in the Trends and Boylan collaboration series. I can safely say they have delivered in their new collaboration with grime scene heavyweight Riko Dan. As an instrumental ‘Kruegar’ is a warhead, designed to blow any rave apart, but with Riko’s vocals it becomes a whole different level of crazy. Check out the music video here:

Aranha – Blackout EP – Chameleon Audio

The Chameleon Audio gang have been in fine form so far this year, releasing exciting music from a range of both established and new faces. Their latest project comes courtesy of Hexagon Dubs regular; Aranha. His brand new ‘Blackout’ EP encapsulates his newer production direction, focussing in on more electric melodies and powerful drum processing. You can check out the previews for the release here:

Dot Rotten vs P Money

In what has been arguably the most intense back and forth in grime history, two of the scene’s heavyweights; Dot Rotten & P Money have been sending numerous dubs towards each other back and forward throughout July. For me, so far it’s impossible to call a winner as the war is still waging on and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Both MC’s have compiled their disses so far and are available to grab here:



Dot Rotten Vs PMoney

As.If Kid – The Asif Kid EP

As one of grime pioneer Slimzee’s favourites, Asif Kid has gone from strength to strength over the last two years, putting together heavyweight riddim after heavyweight riddim. He continues his run with his brand new self titled EP, which features six original compositions. Although the EP features a large range of musical styles, the two grime tracks ‘East Politics’ and ‘Level Next’ are two instant favourites. You can purchase the full project below:

Skepta – Hypocrisy

Out of all the well known faces within the scene, Skepta is arguably the king of grime at the moment. He makes his return to the centre of the cultures attention with his latest creation ‘Hypocrisy’. In typical Skepta fashion the arrangement is made up of almost hypnotic lead synths and rolling bass notes. Overall it’s a solid return for the BBK veteran!

Terror Danjah & Irah – Lyrical Weapon

Harddrive are without a doubt one of my favourite grime labels currently operating in the UK. As a collective, they are pushing some of the most vibrant and energetic music about and their latest release from Terror Danjah and Irah personifies that energy. The track ‘Lyrical Weapon’ is a straight stomper, with violent bass tones and rapid fire drum patterns, coupled with the energy of Irah’s patois style vocal performance.

Lewi B – Greeze

We’re very happy to see a new EP from BeatBoss regular and all around skengman producer Lewi B. His latest project entitled ‘Greeze’ is a very good showcase of what the 21-year-old grime maverick is all about; vicious lead synths, powerful drum patterns with just a sprinkling of classic eskimo flavour here and there. The full project is available to purchase via iTunes now via the link HERE


And that wraps it up for July. Check back soon for the next round up!

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