The Month In Grime – January


It’s safe to say 2016 was undoubtedly one of grime’s strongest years as a genre. We said last year that grime needed to stay true to its roots in 2017, to remain grounded, and January’s releases have certainly not disappointed.

Jakebob – 500 Followers EP

One of the lowkey breakthrough producers of 2016, Jakebob has finally hit 500 followers on SoundCloud. To celebrate he has released this six-track instrumental EP which is jampacked with high energy and creative production to boot. Check it out via the SoundCloud link below:

Wiley – Godfather

Well, this was an obvious inclusion. I don’t usually like to include the higher profile albums in these lists, but I feel that Godfather is too important to grime music culture to not include in a list like this. Check out our full review of it here:

Why ‘Godfather’ is the grime album every new grime fan should listen to

Beanzo – Crossfire (Chameleon Audio)

The Walsall-based Chameleon Audio were listed as one of our standout label projects for 2016 in our label special at the end of December and for good reason. They kick off the year with this beefy project from the ever present Beanzo. The previews are available to stream here:

Drone – Flux

This is one of our only single uploads this month, but it would be wrong to not include this incredibly well produced instrumental from Bristol’s own Drone. His vibrant signature style of swooping melodic synths coupled with intense yet colourful bass patterns flow effortlessly through the arrangement. This is definitely one to check out!

Noble & Kotei – Specialist

When two very creative grime producers join forces it tends to result in goodness. Specialist is no disappointment and is available to stream via Noble’s SoundCloud here:

Siege Collective – 001

The first compilation from the new grime project known as Siege Collective is a great way to kick off the fledgling label’s forthcoming run of releases. Label founder Beanzo has assembled a very strong collection of producers to his roster from the off which makes for a fantastic first LP. Check it out here:

DaVinChe – Powers

DaVinChe is one of grime’s pioneers and certified legends, there’s no question about that. Because of this, we were ecstatic to hear of his brand new album entitled ‘Powers’. The album shows that he has lost none of his potency as a producer, with each track bringing back that classic DaVinChe sound.


Shudan – Ice Chirps EP (White Peach)

As one of the standout labels of 2016, it was important for Zha’s ever growing imprint to start off 2017 with a bang, and haven’t they just! They return to the fray with Shudan’s latest bombshell ‘Ice Chirps’. Neuro-infused bass sounds with twisted lead synths and sharp drum patterns throughout – just what we were hoping for!

Swedger – Marigold EP (Remixes)

Project Allout have made a solid start to the year with three new EPs already being previewed on their SoundCloud. The most recent of the three comes from Scotland’s own Swedger, featuring remixes from Cleaverhype, Dutty Tingz, Dubzta & Hexy. Swedger has been collecting some serious radio play over the last few months so an EP has been long overdue.

KXVU – Cub Inna Caribbean (Southpoint)

Well, obviously I have to do my traditional addition of self-indulgence. My album Cub Inna Caribbean is out now via my home imprint ‘Southpoint’. Featuring a range of production and vocal features I don’t think it’s arrogant to say it’s probably worth a listen.

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