T93 x Angus Rogers – I Know


It’s been a while since we heard anything new from T93, but we are very happy to see he has been back in the studio alongside Angus Rogers to create this new track. ‘I Know’ shows just how much both artists have been progressing, as they experiment a lot deeper with the sharpness of their percussive patterns and the space in which their synths can float around.

Rodgers’ smooth and warm vocals provide a fantastic couple of verses and hooks with which T93 has had a field day. Again there has been so much experimentation with the space used in the mix through the use of reverbs and side chained compression As well as all of these new features we also have the depth of which is inevitable with any T93 track, as multiple layers of instrumentation harmoniously march forward together.

Be sure to check out the track via the SoundCloud link below:


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  1. Mangus Togers says:

    reminds me of when I was in ‘nam

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