Streetfest 2014 – a creative reflection of London’s rich culture


Streetfest came back to London for another day of culture in the sun. For such a small venue there was a lot to experience. Whether it was watching BMX stunts, standing in awe at the break-dancing, listening to the various live shows, or just relaxing on the roof terrace next to The Adidas Stage, there was something to engage all in attendance.

The dance stage was probably the most popular of the outdoor stages. A great performance from the Myself Dance Company, an all-female dance group based in London, was the main highlight. The other performances on the dance stage were very impressive – especially the “international” dance off – but overall, the Myself Dance Company stole the show.

Tucked away in the corner, behind the Adidas Stage, were a series of skateboard and BMX events. Whether it was BMXers pulling off crazy stunts, roller-bladers gliding through the half pipe or just a game of skate, there was something entertaining for those with an eye for street sports. Streetfest once again catering to all needs!

As people weaved in and out of the various stages and stalls in the vicinity, it was hard to ignore the live art and graffiti along the perimeter of the East London venue. The diverse, yet relevant displays of art framed the picturesque event that really outlined the artistic side London has to offer.

The Plug In To Perform and Unsigned stages hosted some superb upcoming talent, most notably Raff, a young singer, who has worked with the likes of Plan B. The Londoner put on a very good show, not only as a singer, but as a performer, engaging the crowd whilst retaining a strong vocal presence. As predicted, Goldie and Ms Dynamite rounded off the day with strong performances.

However, nothing is perfect, not even a vibrant East London festival. The main stage was located on the top floor of The Forman Warehouse, which, despite the popular roof garden, seemed too detached draw a big crowd until much later in the day. But, in all fairness, the organisers did a great job nonetheless.

Essentially, Streetfest 2014, as always, was a great reflection of London’s diverse music scene and rich culture. We’re looking forward to next year!

Click here to view our photos of the day.

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