PSA end the year in style – The Underdog 2014


Brighton based clothing label Pear Shaped Apparel have launched another new range. Following the release of their John Lewis collection, this latest set of quality apparel is named “The Underdog Collection” really does represent PSA’s evolution as a brand.

From the humble beginnings of simple printed logo’s, the creativity of the designers involved has flourished, resulting in a set after set of highly fashionable t-shirts, jackets and hats.

A highlight of this new range is PSA’s imitation of a classic style rugby shirt, redesigned with the retro style Pear Shaped “>>|” logo. Another great pair of picks would be the “1988” pocket labeled t shirt in dark blue or the brand new PSA labeled satchel backpack.



All in all these are some fantastic editions to Pear Shaped’s already illustrious back catalogue.

Head over to their site to check out the new collection.

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