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BTN Hood

If you are currently living in Brighton, and are in anyway interested in underground music and culture, you must have been living in a beach hut to not of heard of Pear Shaped Apparel. After being previously featured on Soapbox, the PSA team kindly invited us to take a look at their newest line; “The BTN Collection.”

BTN TEE & LTD14 Beanie

The new items we have seen really do seem to show the progression as a clothing label and as a brand, as well as encapsulating the journey that PSA has been riding through since they were formed in 2007. The BTN Range includes two completely new directions. These are the PSA BTN Training Jacket and the PSA Gentlemen’s Umbrella. Both of these items add to an already extremely strong back catalogue of garments.

PSA BTN Training Jacket

The new caps, t-shirts, and hoody are also worth a look. The whole theme of this new line seems to be focussed on bringing more modern street styles and design

ideas through with a classier element to them. It has been more and more noticeable recently that lower budget stores such as Primark have been releasing ranges with older, played out styles of graffiti and street art.

PSA BTN Training Jacket & The Gentlemans Umbrella

Other smaller independent brands also seem to be just repeating the same ideas with no real though just to push sales, meaning a lot of the more underground labels seem to be selling exactly the same style of clothes, just with a different logo on them. This is where we feel PSA can definitely receive some credit where it’s due, as we are yet to see a new PSA line which doesn’t build and progress on the foundations they have already laid for themselves.

PSA BTN Training Jacket & Camo Snap

Be sure to grab the new additions while you can as stocks won’t last for long!

You can check out the full PSA collection from their online store via the link below!

Written By Jay McDougall

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