Pavv announces new two track garage EP on Wub Club

Well we do hope you are all very well rested and ready for a brand new year of content, following possibly the most unusual Christmas period of our lives. We are most definitely ready to jump back into the mix and blend of Brighton’s numerous different underground scenes, how they all interact with eachother and of course the music we are blessed to receive from them all.

Today, we are going to be diving into the more electronic side of the spectrum as Pavv, a well known Brighton face both for his hard-hitting musical creations and incredible cheffing skillsets, land his first EP of the year, this time seeing him dive into his more garage-orientated roots with two absolute scorchers.

Over the last year or so, we have seen Pavv’s style and production techniques continue to switch up massively, with his sound exploring the more soulful, songwriter side of produciton, whilst also supplying instrumentals for Hatter & Ceezin’s brand new album project which we reviewed towards the end of last year.

This brand new EP is something we were therefore super keen to jump into, with the first track ‘4U’ combining the fabulous sounds of original organ chords and choppy 2-step rhythms with some seriously smooth production techniques and colourful bass design. This sets the tone for the project perfectly, with those themes of nostalgic & newschool combination being the central idea as we dive into track 2: ‘Rainbow Road’.

This one is a sizzler, combining 8bit chord blips and catchy vocal slices with a fabulously beefy lead bassline, making us yearn for the rave that little bit more. Overall, both tracks are a perfect representation of everything Pavv is about and we can’t wait for this one to hit stores on Friday, courtesy of Forca’s Wub Club imprint.

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