Out Of Step Sample Sale – 15.12.12 – Truman Brewery, London

On Saturday, 15th December, the SoapBox team went to The Old Truman Brewery where Out Of Step Distribution were hosting a sample sale. There was a large collection of unique yet fashionable attire, which appealed to a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from clothes that would appeal to the so called hipsters and the more urban demographic at the other end of the spectrum.

The stock included the more predominant of Out Of Step’s brands, such as The Hundreds, HUF and Benny Gold. The Hundreds were as always, impressive in all aspects, boasting a wide array of designs on tees and hats, with the odd pair of shoes here and there. HUF also featured all of their winter ’12 collection of jackets and hoodies, alongside lots of pairs of shoes, with the independent styling of a single H letter on the sides. Amongst this were the likes of Rook, with their saucy and interesting designs that usually feature half naked women in black and white with coloured features.

Brixton featured, showing their ranges that leaned much into an urbanised style that could easily be seen out on your street corner or ‘hood’. 10 Deep was also on sale, with their recurring American styled clothes, from varsity jackets and one off tees to bowling shirts with the old fashioned stitching. Hall Of Fame and Bonham Supply Co. were also included in the sample sale, with both brands heavily influenced by American culture, often featuring typical symbolism that is associated with the USA, ie. Eagles, flags, stars.

It wasn’t all just tees, shoes and hoodies though, there were also lots of snapback hats and New Era fitted ones, all in The Hundreds, Brixton and HUF styles with colours and designs suitable for all.

The Out Of Step sample sale proved extremely popular, pulling in a constant flow of customers that were keen to find a stash of unbelievably fresh items for a reasonable price. Give Out Of Step a ‘Like’!

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