Nelson Navarro unleashes some weighty remixes for new single ‘Try’

Since giving the Soapbox website a little bit of a relaunch, it’s been absolutely crazy how much new music we have seen land from around the cities numerous different music scenes. Now of course, we are going to be doing everything within our power to keep you all as up to date as possible with these projects, with today’s drop coming from another one of the names mentioned in our recent 2 year Brighton review.

Enter: Nelson Navarro, an all around dynamo when it comes to this music lark, producing some incredible creations and always leaving his listeners with a strong sense of theming within the music he creates, with the vast majority of that landing underneath the Star Lord alias.

Today we are checking out his most recent project, which sees his new single ‘Try’, alongside the gorgeous vocal additions of Lisa Lo, undergo a number of different remixes, stretching and slicing the original vocal into numerous different genres and styles. It’s a jam packed project, which sees El Train firstly supply us with a crunchy rework, doused in stunning harmonic synth energy and colourful melodic design, followed by the much more UKG influenced drum switches and wavy rhythmic displays of Alfie Frank’s colourful overhaul.


Today however, we are going to be taking a close interest in Ben Rolo’s sizzling recreation, which has just been premiered over on the Delight YouTube platform with a solid reception. It’s a rolling D&B masterpiece, smashing together chunky hi hats and shakers with a gnarly bassline below to really take us back to the rave with an eyes down vibe.

We spoke to Nelson about the remixes and how they originally came into being, to which he replied “I sent Ben, El Train & Alfie a bunch of songs from ‘Starlord’ – when I asked them which one they wanted to remix they all chose ‘Try’! I was really excited to hear what the three of them could do because I’ve been working with Ben and Alfie in the studio and I’ve been a big fan of El Train for a long time. Hearing their spins on this song was honestly like a dream, especially with each version having such a different flavour and all of them bringing such a wicked grove to the song. Everyone on the records was based in Sussex and I loved the feeling of keeping it local.”

We also asked how long it has taken to put the project together, to a response of “When I sent the stems away, it was a couple month after the original EP came out – we’re talking around November 2019. It wasn’t long before people started getting back to me with some amazing work and I’ve been planning on how to get these out since the start of the year! Now that’s I’m putting out new material every month now it seemed like a great way to close out the year by giving my fans some groovey tunes so that when clubs eventually reopen, we can be armed with some skanking material.”

All three remixes definitely add something new and we couldn’t recommend this selection highly enough!

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