King & Queen Clothing – Label Review

The creators of King & Queen Clothing, Russell Hewes and Luke Simms are continuing to prove that it is still possible for creativity and innovative ideas are able to flow into the public eye through modern street wear. King & Queen continue to impress with both consistent and originality within their new lines and are certainly looking as if they are going to be one of the strongest and most recognisable brands on the market in 2014.

After meeting Russell at the Indoor Mini Market at Don’t Flop’s “Set The Standard VIII” event, we felt it was a great opportunity to look into the brand itself and to look through some of the releases that have taken place in 2013.

Pharoeh & Crown

As a brand, the label sets a strong image. Although the average K&Q t-shirt seems to be slightly boxed into a fitted style of design, the brand is definitely not limited to a single demographic, with everyone from UK rappers to Premier League football players representing the brand.

All K&Q designs also boast memorable, recognisable patterns and designs. Great examples of this can be seen in the two pictures below. The crown image is instantly associable with the label as well as each design being extremely cohesive in its construction and representative of the brand.
King & Queen Bold Logo

King & Queen Bold Female

Despite Kings Apparel having both similar names and similar logos, K&Q have already taken very good steps to being recognised as a highly respectable UK based urban clothing label. For the planet conscious among you, you will be happy to hear that all of K&Q’s stock is manufactured both entirely in the UK and from 100% Carbon neutral materials.

Be sure to keep up to date with K&Q through their social media accounts and website below.


Written By Jay McDougall

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