Kasket – Interview

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]harlie Baldwin, otherwise known as Kasket, has taken the electronic music scene by storm this year. His production varies from an eclectic mix of  ambient soundscapes, to heavier tracks carrying spine shaking bass. With multiple signings to different labels, various performances across the country and a brand new live act in the works, Kasket is a producer who is sure to be on everyone’s tongue very soon. Soapbox’s Mr Sleepz caught up with him over a cigar and a waffle.

S.B:  Firstly then, what was your influence to start producing and creating music? 

Well I was brought up in musical family,  my dad plays guitar and was always playing and making music around me, which is the same as my brother who plays bass; we would always play in bands together. Then I got my first laptop with a copy of Reason and started really enjoying making sounds, then switched to using Ableton and started putting them up around sites – people seemed to like what they heard so I kept at it. I enjoyed the fact you could hear what you had in your head come to life and I still enjoy that!

S.B: Nobody seems to be making anything quite like yourself at the moment, what would you describe your sound as?

I guess I would describe it as organic with electronic elements. I try to record all my percussion and vocals live, which gives it a raw sound that I’m really into right now.

 S.B: What would be your perfect pizza topping?


S.B: We hear tales of a live act, do tell us more? 

It’s still growing, but at the moment I’m very happy with it. The live set is something that I want to do more of, I always feel a set should be a journey with high energy and a deep atmosphere, it gives you the freedom to really get your music across how you’d like it. The best I can say is come to a gig and see!

S.B: Which producers do you rate highly at this current moment?

An artist called “Anto” who is a close friend of mine, his stuff is really sounding great, expect some great tunes from him. Others are Disonata, Nowan, Flatmate, Side-B and Mr Sleepz.

S.B: Elaborate on “Got Milk?”

Well I have a covers band that I play drums in, called “Got Milk?”. We play your everyday pub tunes – but on another note, I don’t have milk with my hot beverages, so no. I don’t have milk.

S.B: What would you like to see yourself doing in 6 months?

I’d like to be giging as much as possible with the live set, while making music for film and for myself! I wish to make it full time…. but one can dream.

S.B: What labels are you currently involved with and what do we have to look forward to? 

[pullquote_right]”I try to record all my percussion and vocals live, which gives it a raw sound that I’m really into”[/pullquote_right]At the moment, the labels I’m working closely with are Apollo (sister label of R&S who I have a 3 track EP coming out on vinyl, with another one to follow), Scewloose Records (with the 4Her EP due in a few weeks) and Diamind Records. Others to come, but nothing confirmed.

S.B: Anything else for our readers?

Always check the sell by date on a pork pie, you’ll thank me one day.

Find Kasket on his facebook page.

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