Harvey Gunn & Frankie Stew – The Gentlemen’s Club – Review

The Gentlemen's Club
Frankie Stew, one-third of Brighton based hip-hop collective Concept Of Thought, has been a busy man recently. After releasing his first solo music video Zhoung Guo at the end of March, the up and coming emcee has teamed up with heavyweight producer Harvey Gunn to release his first EP, and it is a release which is definitely worth a download.

The EP is perhaps best described as a well thought out mix of upbeat and relaxed vibes, with Frankie’s style matching Harvey’s eloquent production in every track. It opens with the title track (The Gentlemen’s Club), which carries a more bouncy beat than the others, a fact which is well reflected in the pace of the Frankie’s emcceing and the style of the hook.

Passion, the second full length track on the EP, kicks off with a Gipsy Kings inspired intro, and leads into a more relaxed style of song, with Frankie spitting more train of thought bars over plucked strings – this song would be a great one to get lean to.

The release is also nicely padded out with skits, each one showcasing Harvey Gunn’s fine production (especially his manipulation of stringed instruments) and each one setting the mood nicely for the next track.

My favourite track of the EP has to be the jazzy piano based I Might, which has the vibes on which I feel Frankie best demonstrates his flow, with his lyrics also at their most relevant. The EP is currently available on bandcamp and you can pay what you like, although with music of this quality it almost feels like piracy.

Production: 4.5/5

Lyrics: 4/5

Review By Michael Goodier

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