Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – Interview + I Might V.I.P Download

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ollowing on from their fresh release the ‘Gentlemen’s Club’, we catch up with Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn over a pint of Guinness and a curry as they talk about everything from their musical inspirations, to another hotly anticipated EP in the near future.

S.B: What age did you really starting getting into Hip-Hop?

Frankie: Probably when I was about 13 or 14 man. Just listening to people like Outkast, The Fugees and that’s all from a really young age though – before I properly got a love for it.

Harvey: Like Frankie I’ve been into hip-hop since a young age, but really got into it, especially the UK side, around 4 years ago. Someone gave me a load of classic UK albums. That sparked my love for it. I’ve been through a lot of different niches in hip-hop but I know what artists and styles I’m feelin now.

S.B: What is it about Hip-Hop that really inspires you, and who are your inspirations?

Frankie: Hmm. I would have to say the one thing that inspires me in an artist would be honesty, there’s too many to mention in one interview, but ill give you a few current artists that I’m listening to a lot at the moment. Sene, the whole low budget movement involving Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Odisee and Sean Born, Skanz, yU.

Harvey: The way you can express yourself infinitely.

S.B: If money weren’t an option, what would be the first thing you’d buy?

Frankie: I’d buy a tropical island that only lets women on it, and me, my friends, and a lot of liquor.

Harvey: A Mercedes.

S.B: As you are Brighton based, how you would describe the hip-hop scene?

Frankie: The scene is good; there are a lot of talented artists about in Brighton. But in all honesty there isn’t enough love between everyone. But not mentioning that – it’s still fresh.

Harvey: Very strong, Brighton is getting much more noticed of recent and the quality and quantity of Brighton hip-hop is always increasing.

S.B: Who can we all look out for in Brighton scene in the near future?

Frankie: Me and Harvey Gunn most definitely. Another thing to look out for is Rawvault clothing ( A lot of the garms on there website are trill.

Harvey: There is a lot of talent in Brighton.  Look out for man like Kryptik, ( ridiculous skills and has been slept on too long. RumCom and Ceezlin doing their thing as always, there is too much to look out for

 S.B: What have you got lined up, with regards to festivals, gigs etc?

Frankie: Loads of good shit this year; the Concept of Thought EP has just dropped and I’ve just recently put out a tape named ‘The Gentlemens Club’. That’s worth going to listen to. Boombap hip-hop festival should be mad and also InYaEar festival myself and Harvey supporting heads like 9th Wonder and Westwood, Nass Fest, Nozstock and a few more I think.

Harvey: As Frankie has mentioned we’re playing at InYaEar festival, apart from that nah unfortunately not.

S.B: If you had to describe your style in a few sentences, what would you say?

Frankie: Rhymes that make your sister about it, and relaxation.

Harvey: I’m not sure… I’d like to think fairly original and different from a lot of generic beats that get churned out these days. You tell me.

S.B: Any news on a new EP?

Frankie: My crews (Concept of Thought) new EP has just been released. But from me personally yeah, currently working on a mix tape sponsored by 788 clothing line. They’ve got some tight clothes and there’s a good relationship between all of us. More work to come this year with them. And besides that there’s a whole load of Producers I’m looking to work with, you’ll see.

Harvey: As Frankie has said the mix tape sponsored by 788 clothing is currently in the making and be sure to check their website out. It’s a pretty interesting project that’s sounding quite nice at the moment. I don’t want to give too much out but we’ve got some nice Italian flips, courtesy of 788, who provided the inspiration for the tracks.

S.B: What is your favorite drink when High?

Frankie: See that’s my sort of question! Ima give you a good few answers… K.A would have to be that pineapple. However Ribena, or Fanta: Orange, Lemon, and Cherry.

Harvey: Mango and Papaya Del Monte.

S.B: Are there any other types of music that you are trying to incorporate into your own style?

Frankie: Yes yes. You’ll see this year!

Harvey: Not specifically no. One of the main reasons I love hip hop and any other sample based music so much is how you can incorporate so many different genres and styles into a track. Man I’ve used music from all over the world and many different genres. It’s all about digging for the vinyl with that rare loop or sound, and making it your own.

 S.B: During your recent track Zhoung Guo, were there any difficulties when it was filmed? For Frankie: Did you really need that haircut?

Frankie: Not really it was just a fun day. Nope I did not need the haircut, he still charged me though for basically nothing haha.

Harvey: I couldn’t make it to the filming unfortunately. But sounded as if it went smooth. There were a few problems with the editing hence why it took a long time to drop, but for me it was well worth it. Was more than happy with the final piece, shout out Liam White and SquigglyLine Productions on that!

S.B: Any shout out’s?

Frankie: GC, 788, Secret Other Family, Concept of Thought, Split Prophets, Astro B, Wordplay magazine. And SoapBox coming with that good read.

Harvey: Shout out every one doing their thing in Brighton musically and the rest keep doing it. Shout out Frankie Stew, Concept of Thought, the GC gang, SoapBox and everyone else I know and love- you know who you are.

Frankie and Harvey have given us the exclusive download link of ‘I Might V.I.P (The One)’ to share with you all so grab it and give it a listen!

Download it here

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