Estrons at the Green Door Store: Review


Fresh off the back of supporting Slaves on their ‘Back in the Van’ tour, Cardiff based 4-piece Estrons returned to the Green Door Store on Saturday (October 8th) to show Brighton that they’re more than worthy of a headline show.

Opening without singer Taliesyn, the band launch straight into a barrage of noise before she leaps on stage without so much as a hello. What’s striking about Estrons is the sheer confidence that the band exude whilst on stage. Small things like Taliesyn’s lack of a mic stand to fidget with or lean on throughout the set and her sarcastic response to somebody pushing over her monitor speaker, saying “thanks, it was annoying me too.” All of this adds to the impression that Estrons are well aware of how good they sound, and happy to bask in the well-deserved love from the crowd.

A punk band in the original sense, Estrons are loud, stripped back and extremely good fun. Playing songs about “feelings”, “definitely not feelings” and “court cases this year” they bring a show[wo]manship to the stage that’s not often seen with a band at this level.

The effort put in is more than reciprocated by the crowd, and the response is something to behold. People at the front are singing along to every word despite only two of the band’s songs being available in recorded form and one bloke seems like he might genuinely be in love with them. Estrons are a band that inspire a devoted following, and watching them live, it’s easy to see why.

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