Dr Syntax – On The House EP – Review


Isn’t receiving late Christmas presents such a satisfying experience? Well we may well have missed the Dr Syntax’s “On The House” EP, if he had not emailed it through as a late gift for under where the tree used to be.

The first track on the EP “Pyrotechnics” sets quite a high bar to begin with, both in its production value and Syntax’s opinions projected through his lyrics. Making sure the rest of the EP kept up was essential, even if it was a hard task. Syntax is clearly adaptable as well, with the EP’s themes ranging from the harsh lyricism and harmonized hooks of “Tryna Make it Happen” to the more self-indulgent ideas touched upon in “That’s Me”.

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much cohesion between the different tracks, although this makes no difference to the quality of the project, as each of the tracks work on their own and don’t require back up from fellow recordings to be seen as relevant. The production team behind the project, which consists of four producers over 5 tracks, have really outdone themselves. It’s quite surprising that some of these tracks haven’t actually been held back for Syntax’s upcoming album – they are all album quality, make no mistake about that.

This EP is yet another fantastic display of top draw lyricism, with Syntax’s words being both witty and thoroughly unpredictable. The art of telling stories clearly through rap lyrics is a lot harder than people think, and in “Under My Window” Syntax flawlessly discusses the happenings outside his house at night. Quite a boring topic, you may think – but if it’s Syntax telling you what happens under his window, you tend to become interested quite quickly.

There is nothing worse than a Hip Hop artist just repeating the rhyme schemes every single other rapper has with no innovation of creativity. It’s safe to say Dr Syntax has continued his record of never ever doing this, which is just great.

This is a great project with which we can pass the time until Dr Syntax’s next album is released, so be sure to download it via the link below:

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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