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Disonata is an up and coming dubstep producer based in Coventry, UK. Through the combination of hard hitting subs and nicely processed drums, Disonata is quickly becoming known as one of the most versatile producers in the scene. Tracks such as Overlord & Collosus with Badklaat show he has already mastered the deep techy side of Dubstep. He is also able to produce heavyweight jump up style track with tunes such as Confidential which recently was featured on Funtcase’s Radio 1Xtra Daily Dose mix. Soapbox’s Jay Mcdougall caught up with Disonata for a quick interview.

How would you describe your sound?

I guess my “sound” can vary quite a lot. I don’t stick to just making the more hyped dance-floor stuff or the atmospheric “deeper” stuff as it tends to vary depending on what mood I’m in when I make it. I do always try to keep a few guidelines with anything I do make being that I like to use melodies and maintain a certain energy about it.

What artists are you currently feeling and would like work with, if you aren’t already?

I could reel off a list of people I like but it would take a whole page so I will just pick my top few that I play and listen to regularly…. The people I’m liking at the moment, specifically within dubstep and electronic music are (in no order) :

Reso, Commodo, Lurka, Gantz, Anex, Occult, Nanobyte, Perverse, Wayfarer, BadKlaat, Requake, Bukez Finezt, Kinzy, Haze, Sparxy, Megalodon, Supreme, Kryptic Minds, J:Kenzo, Demon, Standard Procedure, Vodex, Taiko, Vaun, Tallan, Riskotheque (Klax)

What software are you currently running/what hardware?

I have a fairly basic set up, I use Reason 5 mainly but Ableton sometimes if I’m working with alot of audio or on a collaboration with someone who doesn’t use Reason. I have KRK VXT8 monitors, AKG K240 MK2 referencing headphones, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 audio interface and an M-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi Keyboard.

Favorite live experience that you’ve had so far?

Probably playing either Bassliebe in Cologne, Germany or Cubic Clash in Turnhout, Belgium. Both of those gigs were awesome and the people looked after me really well and made it a very pleasant experience all around!

What Disonata releases have we currently got to look forward to, and who with?

I’m lucky enough to have quite a lot coming out over the next few months, I have a follow up EP on Bassclash Records as well as a tune I have done with Soloman on the forthcoming Basslcash/Dubstar Album. My track ‘Overlord’ is the title track of the next Various Artist EP on Requiem Audio, featuring other tracks from TZR, Ylem and Ghast.
I have also been working a lot with Anex and we’ve decided to form as “Deadweight” and have a release forthcoming on Redshift-One. Also have release plans for tunes I have done with Badklaat and Krew, and working on 2 EP’s for labels I can’t specify at this time, but as you can see a lot is in the works so I’m looking forward to confirming details and dates as they come.

Where do you want to be performing in 18 months?

EVERYWHERE! Haha. Without sounding overly ambitious, I would like to travel abroad to play places I’ve never been before. In particular I really want to play in the US.

Pizza or Pie?

Definitely pizza! Don’t get me wrong, I do like pie but pizza is definitely my choice.

Anything else to say?

Just a big thank you to anyone who has listened to and supported my music, I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for you so as I say big thanks. Also, thanks to SoapBox for the feature! One final note – keep an eye on my FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud.

Disonata was also kind enough to give away a free mix, grab it from the link below!
Download Now
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1.    Commodo & Lurka – Capisce? [BLACKBOX]
2.    Taiko – Kukhuri [DUB]
3.    KlaX – Lost Levels [DUB]
4.    Deadweight (Disonata & Anex) – Bring Me Down [DUB]
5.    Perverse – Fucking Insanity [DUB]
6.    Caski – Infested [DUB]
7.    Deadweight (Disonata & Anex) – Scratch The Surcace [DUB]
8.    Wayfarer – Shaman [DUB]
9.    Gantz – Lifebound [DUB]
10.    Occult & Vantage – Contagion [DUB]
11.    Caski – Sandstone [DUB]
12.    Pheral – Tribesman [DUB]
13.    Eleven8 – Catch Your Breath [DUB]
14.    DubApes – Africa Calling (Sparxy Remix) [DUB]
15.    Fable – Techno Forest [DUB]
16.    Disonata & BadKlaat – Colossus [DUB]
17.    Sparxy – Antidote [DUB]
18.    Teknian – Zen [DUB]
19.    Kinzy – Dirty Ladies [DUB]
20.    Haze – Shaolin [DUB]
21.    Megalodon & Requake – Face Lift VIP [DUB]
22.    Disonata – Lose Your Head [DUB]
23.    BadKlaat – Buh VIP [DUB]
24.    Bukez Finezt – Duck Trumpet (Disonata Remix) [DUB]
25.    Apollo – Rollin [DUB]
26.    D2 – Grim Reaper [DUB]
27.    Kinzy – Stimulate [DUB]
28.    Snarebox – Bounce [DUB]
29.    Farkas – Harmless VIP [FREE]
30.    Trampa – Pirates [DUB]
31.    Bukez Finezt – Macho (Addergebroed Remix) [DUB]
32.    Disonata – Confined EP [DUB]
33.    BadKlaat & Requake – Whopper [DUB]
34.    Megalodon – Mercy Killing VIP [DUB]
35.    Disonata & Supreme – Vice [DUB]
36.    Temo & Apollo – Kung Fu [DUB]
37.    50 Carrot – Dirty! VIP [DUB]
38.    Disonata – Mizuchi [DUB]
39.    Bukez Finezt – Who’s On The Throne [DUB]
40.    Requake & Vodex – Cycloid [DUB]
41.    Disonata & Muk – Dutty Gal (Disonata VIP) [DUB]

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