Sweetmates drop a four track Disco Turd, and it sounds great




Just when you thought your summer wasn’t going to have a soundtrack, Sweetmates have dropped their debut EP, and it’s a banger.

Combining the house-inspired electronic drums of producer Declan Rogers with singer/guitarist Sam Bunker’s emotional lyricism, Disco Turd manages to straddle the indie/electro divide like it’s the easiest thing in the world. The EP may have the veneer of catchy indie-dance, but scratch below the surface and there’s a lot more depth than you’d expect from something so gloriously poppy.

First track Woof (named on the fly at one of the duo’s gigs last year) is a perfect distillation of Sweetmates’ sound. A drum clap obviously inspired by the house music boom of a couple of years ago drives the song forward, whilst Sam’s vocals and guitar provide hooks that stay in your head for days.

Papa Chico’s Semi Freddo keeps up the good vibes, bringing to mind those sticky summer evenings when all you want to do is crack open a beer. An eddy of synths, guitars, and drums draw you in, whilst the repeated refrain “I don’t know how I’m to change” shows that Sweetmates have more on their mind than just having a good time, although that’s definitely still a priority.

Track three, Fever Dreams is the duo’s take on a love song, retaining the electronic streak but giving Sam’s vocals more room to breathe as he wonders, seemingly to himself, “What’s it gonna take to hold you baby?/ It’s something I’ve been dreaming of”.

Just when you’re getting comfortable, Dream To Be Living wakes you up with a synth-based slap to the face. The last track on the EP, Sweetmates have clearly taken the opportunity to experiment, and whilst the results aren’t as polished as the rest of the EP, it’s still great fun.

Sweetmates are clearly still picking the direction they want their sound to go in, but Disco Turd is a corker of an EP nonetheless. Listen to it now, and tell your mates you liked them first when they light up the festival circuit in a year or two’s time.

Disco Turd is out now on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and everywhere else you can hear music online.

Catch Sweetmates live at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on June 17th. 


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