December in December


As we reach the end of 2016, Maczee P has shown no signs of slowing down. With Cuth‘s production underneath verses from Booda French and fellow Brightonian Frankie Stew, December is another example of Maczee P’s high work rate and consistency.

When asked what the tune was about, Maczee P explained “the tune is just about how time rolls by without you really stopping to notice and what’s changed now that December has come by again. That’s how I interpreted it anyway.”

Speaking about his involvement in December, Booda French said he was “happy to be a part of it” and went on to say that the turnaround on the tune was a matter of days. The Ipswich-based rapper also mentioned it was good to be working with guys who are clearly going on to big things.

December is taken from Maczee P’s forthcoming album entitled The Outside which is due for release early next year. As well as Maczee’s EP, he’ll be announcing some new shows in the new year and dropping a new project with his group ‘Those Guys’.

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