Charlie Traplin – Interview


It has been a very good year for Brighton-based producer Charlie Traplin, with BBC radio air play appearing to happen every week and a collection of tracks raking in fantastic views on YouTube. As soon as we heard he had a brand new EP confirmed with Cream Collective, we had to get in touch for a quick interview.

We started the conversation asking him how he feels things have things changed since the Traplin alias came about. “My sound has definitely changed, I think my tunes have become a lot more minimal. I’ve brought different elements and vibes into my music this way. I’ve gone from making energetic hard-hitting trap bangers to slightly more down-tempo ambient tunes. I’ve been concentrating on the structure of my production more as well, and I feel it’s paying off.”

His change in production style saw one of his tracks bring in incredible numbers on YouTube, that track being “Damn” which was hosted on ALLTRAPMUSIC. “It snuck up on me to be fair, I never expected it to get this much attention at all. It got uploaded on All Trap Music and I was stoked that they’d even taken an interest, let alone when I saw the views racking up. They’ve obviously got a massive following so it just blew up from there really.”

We then went on to ask Traplin how he felt it had affected his growth as a producer and an artist. “It’s opened up a lot more doors for me. People that may not have noticed before have started taking an interest and I’ve picked up a decent amount of gigs across Europe as well as playing regularly here in England.”

Cream Collective have been receiving some serious exposure as a label recently, it was interesting to hear his opinion on the relationship between himself and the label “The lads at Cream have been great, it’s pretty much a bunch of mates making tunes and getting fucked up. Everyone brings something different to the table and when we’re gigging and making tracks together we all thrive off each other’s fan bases.”

Unfortunately, when we asked who would be featured on his latest EP with the label he replied with “Haha you’ll have to wait and see!”

However, he went on to say “There’s a couple of features on there from some talented guys, some new material I’ve been working on.”

With the EP set to be released at the end of March, we are very excited to see what it holds in store for us. He finished the interview with “shout outs to everyone supported and stay locked for more.”

Interview by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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