Ceezlin – “Snakes & Ladders EP” – Review

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On the 26th of September 2013, SB.TV finally released Ceezlin’s debut solo EP on through SB.TV’s Bandcamp page. This is a highly anticipated release as Ceezlin is seen as one of the UK’s brightest up and coming talents.

As Ceezlin is already sitting on a very strong back catalogue of hip-hop/grime music, it is very interesting to see his approach to this EP, as it covers a more poppy sound than a lot of his previous work. If anything this has proven Ceezlin’s adaptability as a vocal performer as he has laid down on point vocals on each of these individual tracks.

Despite the fact the instrumentals to each track seem to be definitely aimed at a more casual audience, Ceezlin has been able to force feed a more intense style of lyricism than the average MC who would vocal these tracks. The title track “Snakes & Ladders” featuring grime legend Big Narstie, is probably the track hip-hop fans are most likely to enjoy, whereas the average listener would more likely be drawn towards Slow Mo.

Slow Mo and iMMUNE are certainly excellent attempts at opening up a whole new market for Ceezlin, as the general timbres of instrumentation used on both tracks seem to represent that of most modern chart music. Ceezlin utilises a full range of vocal abilities throughout both to provide catchy hooks and strong rap verses. However when you compare this to the other two tracks on the EP; Snakes & Ladders and Good Time, it’s clear to see that as an artist, Ceezlin is certainly not burning any bridges.

Glitch has done an exceptional job on the production side of things. He has managed to cover a lot of different areas of UK bass music within the EP, which have all been graced perfectly with the extremely high tempo vocal presence of Ceezlin. When the two work together, they definitely concoct an explosive formula which, as of yet, seems to have no limitations.

This EP is a serious lesson in how to make music for the masses, without diluting your raw product as an MC to the point you lose the respect of your original fan base. Ceezlin seems to be one of the few artists currently working who has the ability to keep his dignity whilst releasing music with a more chart based appeal.

Be sure to purchase the EP from the Bandcamp link below

Written By Jay McDougall

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