Brighton veterans Hatter & Ceezlin join forces for new ‘Hatzlin’ album

Given that we are back to business as usual here at, we are very excited to jump right back into the thick of it, firstly taking a look at Brighton’s ever expanding rap scene. You may have seen how many exciting new talents have been emerging over the past couple of years from our previous recap post, which is most certainly keeping everyone on their toes.

Today however, we are getting into the latest project from two of Brighton’s longest standing rap names in Hatter and Ceezlin. Their long awaited collaborative project ‘Hatzlin’ has finally landed on streaming platforms and is now available to take in at your leisure, which meant we of course had to take a full listen and break it down for you.

In our eyes this is quite an important project, as both of these MC’s have put their work in and played a significant part in Brighton’s underground standing over the years without a shadow of a doubt. It’s been rumoured to be in the works for a number of years, so to finally see it landing in stores with the quality levels it holds is a really satisfying thing to witness as a fan.

The album kicks off firstly with the sumptuous garage flavours of ‘03’, in which fellow Brighton veteran Moony gives both MC’s some classic sounding UKG structures to play with, resulting in an instantanious classic from the jump. This is followed by a bit of a post-bashment vibe on ‘Invite’, channeling the sounds and flavours of an after party, before jumping straight into ‘Cabman’, an ode to all of those half-cut journeys that we never remember, but the cab driver most certainly does. Gden Beats provides the instrumental fire for this one.

Another veteran joins the party next as Scizzahs unleashes a spaced out roller of an instrumental for ‘Bring Me Up’, a late night driving tune exploring galactic instrumentation and emotional storytelling. From here, Sylvia Mwenze and Saffra Ghorishi provide a much smoother, almost west coast hip hop inspired backdrop for ‘It’s Alright’, a melancholic look at a series of unfortunate events in life.

Pavv arrives next on production credits for the sweeping, jazzy harmonies and orchestral structures of ‘For The Watch’, allowing both rappers to explore different areas of vocal performance and flows, with Ceezlin’s catchy hook being a particular highlight. This is followed by a bit of a favourite for us in ‘Boiizz’, in which both MC’s take the challenge of rhyming the entire cypher-style verse with the word “boys”, and it just works!

For the last 3 tracks we see possibly the most experimental parts of the album come together, with the post-rave jungle-driven euphoria of ‘Blue Stars’ providing us with something very different with co-production from Roxy Roberts, followed by the super-catchy summertime singalong, futuristic flavours of ‘Disco’ being provided by the one only Rainy Dancer to add some real dance floor applicability to the tape as a whole. For us, this is the standout track across the whole project, just for how original it really does sound.

Pavv and Sylvia then return for the finale as ‘Skyline’ gives us another post-wave roller, with Ceezlin’s floating hooks and Hatter’s introspective discussion of a Brightonian post-session sunrise giving us a very apt outro.

Overall, it’s a fabulous link up, giving both artists the opportunity to express as much creativity as they want, with a vast array of incredible production and vocal features to back them up in whichever direction they take. It’s Brighton rap music at its best and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

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