Animal House at The Hope & Ruin

animal house

Australia may not be known for its cowboys, but that news doesn’t seem to have reached the ears of Animal House. The band come on in spurs, stetsons and questionable shirts, firing pound shop pistols and sharing the stage with cacti made from fairy lights. It’s a sight to behold, with an honourable mention for guitarist Jack’s Beegees-inspired ensemble, complete with pink ribbons.

Animal House themselves have a sound that slots in somewhere between The Strokes and early Kings of Leon, with lyrics covering women, drugs and tequila, and catchy choruses that mean you can sing along midway through a song you’ve never heard before.

The guys are on top form, joking with each other and the crowd, and even passing a bottle of tequila around the audience at one point. Singer Will is suitably impressed when said bottle comes back empty within 30 seconds, and the show goes on.

Songs like “Coca-Cola” (which, surprisingly enough may not actually be about the soft drink) sound phenomenal live, and the crowd show their appreciation by screaming along to almost every word. The energy continues throughout, and the crowd are calling for an encore as soon as the words “This is our last one” have left Will’s mouth.

An encore is duly produced, after a quick break for bassist Callum to run to the toilet and back. “Hot Bodies”, a live staple of the band for the last couple of years, receives an almost rapturous response, with the call-and-response chorus of “Hot bodies (hot bodies)” reaching painful decibel levels.

Animal House may not be the fastest gunslingers in the west, but they’re one of the best live bands around, and well worth seeing. It’s just a shame they ignored their Australian heritage and left “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo” off of the setlist. Maybe next time, eh boys?

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