20 acts to see at this year’s Great Escape festival (4/4)


The final week of our 20 ones to watch for The Great Escape, and we thought we’d wake you up a bit by suggesting a few more out-there artists to go and see. We can’t promise everyone on this list is good in a conventional sense, but they’re all interesting, and in the end isn’t that basically the same thing?

…The answer is yes, it is.


Sultan of the Disco

Sultan of the Disco are… quite something. Just listen to the song below, there isn’t much more we can say.


Code Walk

Minimalist Scandinavian production coupled with a cryptic vocal track, it’s not entirely obvious how you’re meant to react to Code Walk, but they’re interesting anyway. Probably not one to stick on at a party though.


A London-based ensemble that are influenced by several styles of traditional African music, you aren’t likely to get Afriquoi’s sound confused with anyone else playing The Great Escape. A range of modern electronic influences pull it up from an interesting curiosity into something that’s actually well worth seeing.


A Taiwanese rapper that has collaborated with Grimes, Aristophanes is definitely different. Rapping entirely in Mandarin, there’s an apocalyptic tinge to Aristophanes’ flow, but it’s strangely compelling to listen to.


He’s a Belgian/Congolese rapper has been labelled one of the most innovative to ever come out of Africa… and he’s playing in Brighton. Baloji’s mix of funk, hip-hop, ragga and his entirely French vocals are a potent mix. It’s hip-hop, but not as you know it.

So there you have it. 20 acts to see at this year’s Great Escape festival, don’t say we never do anything for you.

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