20 acts to see at this year’s Great Escape festival (3/4)


Another week, another five acts. It’s bloody exhausting, isn’t it? But it’s worth it, because all of them are great, so stop complaining. See below for this week’s five, don’t enjoy yourselves too much (but do enjoy yourself a little bit).


Salen is a village in Sweden with 652 residents. It’s also a band that make electro-pop, and it’s never sounded so good. Salen combine house-inspired production with incredible pop vocals and excellent lyrics like “I’m sorry, but did you say I’m pretty fake, or pretty and fake?”

Swimming Tapes

A London five piece committed to making you forget that it rains in England 350 Days of the year, Swimming Tapes haven’t released a bad song yet, and each of their gigs is more packed than the last. See them now, before they get any bigger.

The Magic Gang

Support some local talent at a festival with bands from all over the place and go and see The Magic Gang. They’re great too, so it doesn’t really matter where they’re from. Claiming to have over 50 songs in the bank, they’ve only released three EPs so far, but they’re all filled with cracking tunes.


More Brighton natives, Tigercub have been about for a while now, but have just started gaining mainstream traction. Sitting at the less heavy end of the “Pulled Apart By Horses” spectrum, Tigercub still have some tracks guaranteed to start a mosh pit, so their set will be a must see for anyone looking to let off some steam, or just jump around a lot.

Blood Red Shoes

These guys have been around for years, and they’re absolutely incredible live. Missing out on a chance to see Blood Red Shoes makes literally no sense unless you hate good music and good times. Their newer releases may tend towards a slower, less punchy sound, but they’re still a great listen, and there’s always out and out bangers like “Don’t Ask” for the band to fall back on when they want to bring the roof down.


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