20 Acts to see at this year’s Great Escape Festival (2/4)


You’ve had a whole week to listen to the five acts we recommended for The Great Escape, so if you’ve done that then well done. If you haven’t then we aren’t angry, we’re just disappointed. But don’t worry, here’s five more you can check out to make up for it!


This Welsh band first appeared on most people’s radar when they were picked to support Great Escape headliners Slaves on their “Back in The Van” tour last year, but they soon proved their worth as a support act worth turning up for. A blistering live show and a vocalist that oozes stage presence mean that Estrons are well worth a watch.

Gabrielle Aplin
This one’s a lot poppier than most of the acts on this list, but Gabrielle Aplin deserves a recommendation. She’s a hell of a lot better than her status as “the voice from that John Lewis advert” would lead you to believe, and as far as shameless pop goes, this is some of the best.

Girl Ray

Indie rock in the mould of Belle and Sebastian with a little bit of added grit, Girl Ray’s twee vocal sound somehow works incredibly well with their bouncy basslines and nostalgic feel. The kind of band that feel like they’re still working themselves out, but when they do you’ll want to have been on board from the start.


One of the newer wave of UK hip-hop acts riding the grime explosion right into the spotlight, Knucks is more of a straight rapper than a grime artist, but he shows a lot of promise. “Big Kahuna” showcases Knucks’ style perfectly, opening with a Pulp Fiction sample played over a smooth piano riff. It’s different, but it works. It also doesn’t exist on YouTube, so have another one of his songs instead.

Middle Kids

A little bit of Sydney sunshine for us all, Middle Kids are the best kind of feel good indie-pop. One of those bands that seem to make nothing but bangers, there isn’t really much more to say. Basically, if you’re sad they’ll pick you up, and if you’re happy they’ll make sure you stay that way.

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