10,000 Hours is definitely worth your time


Cee Major is someone I’ve always been excited by since I was first introduced to him on the acapella battle scene circa 2012. As well as an impressive battle record, Cee has been one of the few artists on the Don’t Flop roster who has consistently put out good music.

With grime on the up and up at the moment, it’s calming to see that there’s still so much love for UK hip-hop outside of boom-bap/ketamine rap.

10,000 Hours is a massive step forward for Cee Major. Fans responded well with previous projects but from listening to this mixtape start to finish, the wealth of experience Cee has gained resonates throughout. From the production by Phocus Beats as well as Cee himself to the personal/social commentary nature of the lyrics, this album is brilliant. This body of work feels like a more refined version of the Cee Major we’re already fans of.

You can download the mixtape here:

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