Yogocop Records – Team Dreebs Vol.1 – Review


We’re back home to the Soapbox hub for this E.P from Yogocop Records. Team Dreebs Vol. 1 is the 20 track birth-child from the Brighton based independent label who are promoting underground hip-hop artists, sounds a little familiar to us so you can imagine how this was received from the crew…

The man behind the lens both at Don’t Flop and for Soapbox, Charlie Hyams recommended I check this project out and it’s a great thing that Yogocop are doing for these rappers, producers and DJ’s. More importantly however, Team Dreebs Vol. 1 is a great product! The artists that feature on here are Concept Of Thought, Illiterate, Benaddict, Frankie Stew, Mad Hatter and Awfer with production coming from Cloud 9, M.KOZI, BearsBeats, Mr Slipz, Anomeric, Fredo, Terry Tonks and lle Flottante. That is a lot of people coming together to make great music, which adds to the project for a listener. Is there really a more beautiful thing to know there have been almost as many minds working on an E.P than there are tracks?

The versatility of the production gives the rappers some solid platforms to show their talent. However, I do think the stars of this E.P are the artists (which I guess makes sense but would have been nice to seen the production step up just a little more). I enjoyed the Benaddict tracks the most on this piece and he’s definitely got the balance of flow and lyrics right on this project.

This does not by any means take away from the other artists who are all brilliant on the E.P from track 1 through to 20. Another great factor was that as much as I appreciate lyrically simple and ignorant rap, it was nice to see serious rap that wasn’t so stereotypical in the track topics. Great lyricists rapping about the process of being a rapper? A lot more appealing than “F#!k the government” rap to the majority of us happy go lucky people.

I love the movement from what I have seen from Yogocop Records as they provide these highly talented musicians a platform to put out great music and you should get on their Bandcamp here to check it out and donate to a great cause. We love what they’re doing for British Hip-Hop and it is definitely a great piece; that not only do I advice listening to but also spreading the message to give these artists some exposure.

Masterpiece By Luca Olias (@lucaolias)

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