Wizard & Pete Cannon: ‘Candy Medallions’ – Review


We return to SBTV with yet another mixtape for free download. After the success of his most recent beat tape “The Sour Mix,” Wizard is back, this time alongside UK heavyweight Pete Cannon in collaboration throughout the whole project, being named “Candy Medallions”. The fusion of the two producers’ styles has been highly anticipated, as both are adaptable and extremely creative with their use of instrumentation and rhythm.

This project consists of 12 tracks, all of which are full length instrumentals. One of the main appeals of both producers is that their instrumentals can really just be left as instrumentals, as they have so much depth it would seem pointless to have vocals layered into the mix down as well. This is definitely a recurring theme with this project, with tracks such as “Pop Bottles” and “Money in the Air” only having very small vocal samples dotted around the arrangements.

The whole tape shows both producers’ progression in the way that they have clearly adapted their styles to more trap sounding general arrangement, rather than tracks down at 90 BPM. “Very Bad Boy” is a great example of the fusion of the more glitched out, electronic hip hop we are used to from Wizard, with incredible rhythmic changes and a faster tempo.

One of the best features in the whole tape is the use of small vocal samples in the same way you would use instruments. A lot of hip hop artists have been using this technique in recent years and it has become somewhat cliché. The great thing about this album is how the duo demonstrates their creative uses more than anything.

Overall, a very good continuation from previous projects from both producers, with highlights of the mixtape probably being “Neon” and “Pull Up”. Both tracks consist of powerful lead melodies and strong, rough cut drum patterns. Be sure to download the project from this LINK and to follow Wizard @WizardBeats and Pete Cannon @PeteCannonBeats on Twitter.

Written By Jay Mcdougall

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