Wiley – Step 20 (Pavv’s 8 Bar Refix) – Free Download


At Soapbox we love nothing more than introducing people to new, exciting music, especially when its free! Brighton based producer Pavv today released this remix of Wiley’s ‘Step 20’ and he has delivered an absolute scorcher. Wiley’s ‘Step 1-20’ series has attracted a fair amount of remix projects from producers all around the country, but this remix jumps straight in as one of our favorites.

Pavv is currently a member of Brighton based Bassline/Grime outfit ‘Some People’ who have a weekly show on Nasty FM on Wednesdays between 4 and 6. Lock into their show to hear tracks like this and many more as it is well worth a listen.

Be sure to listen to and download the track from the Soundcloud link below

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