Why rap music shouldn’t be serious – We listen to Enlish’s ‘Delicious Heat’


Those who have heard of Enlish will know how entertaining this tape was likely to be before they had even jumped online to download it for free off of his Bandcamp. Big Dave, head honcho of Rap Group is finally back with his brand new mixtape “Delicious Heat”. After speaking to him at a couple of events I couldn’t wait to listen to the ludicrously abstract styles of the rapper who isn’t a rapper. To put the whole album into one word; “refreshment”. A collection of smoothly, crunk driven instrumentals and entertaining lyricism.


Enlish at SlipJam

Straight from the introduction English jumps into his individualised style of making absolute nonsense so enjoyable. Take ‘Judas piece’ for instance. Where else are you going to hear the lyrics “flow so cold I could stop a supernova with a super soaker” and “Voldemort was fucking with Malfoy, expelliarmus” in the same song? Literally nowhere is the answer and the best thing is that they have no correlation whatsoever. This and ‘Barry McGuigan’ were by far my favourite two pieces, as they are clearly Enlish’s comfort zone and as expected he executes both tracks in the most entertaining of ways.

As with every Rumbustious Records release, the production throughout the project is nothing short of stunning. Although no production accreditation is given on his bandcamp page, you can be sure that a number of illustrious names have played their part in composing this final selection. ‘Abobo Rap’ is a great example of this. The hard hitting instrumental track sounds like something the likes of Roc Marciano’s vocals would be expected to sit, yet Enlish’s witty and more humorous written style slots in with no issues whatsoever.

Even with this humorous arsenal of styles and word choices,  a few more serious topics are touched upon, albeit only really in the track ‘Flower Of The Andes’, which sits alone amidst a sea of madness. As a vocalist, Enlish’s return may well inspire a few of the surrounding UK Hip Hop names to pop this bubble of seriousness that encompasses every syllable they put to paper.

The majority of people are sick and tired of being told how many times the government screw us over. I think most people have got the message by now, and to be honest, unless you are something extra special you aren’t going to open any eyes saying the same things everyone else is. This is a real breath of fresh air which I feel was much needed, so be sure to check it out and download it for free via his Bandcamp page below.

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