What was wrong with the NME awards this year!


Last Wednesday evening everyone who’s anyone in the indie music scene descended upon the O2 Academy for this year’s NME awards. An evening where those in the scene are praised and awarded for their contributions, with awards ranging from Best New Band to the coveted God Like Genius award.

The evening seemed to go quite smoothly, young two-piece Drenge picked up the Best New Band award, Arctic Monkeys picked up five awards and Alex Turner was actually proclaimed the new messiah. Other big winners included Belle and Sebastian, Disclosure, Haim and some new artist called Paul McCartney. Over all some very deserving bands won the awards and their were no massive upsets, the only issue lies in the “Biggest Villain” award.

This is an award given to the person who has pissed off Indie music fans enough over the year to be declared the worst person in the world and the biggest villain of the year. This category included Vladimir Putin and David Cameron among some on the verge of being irrelevant, it- doesn’t-make-you-cool-to-hate-them pop culture figures, the obvious answer would be one of the two politicians, however Harry Styles won. Harry. Styles.

In 2013 under Vladimir Putin’s regime Russia passed a law banning the distribution of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors, which basically means that it is illegal to suggest to children that homo sexual and hetero sexual relationships are equal, distribute material on gay rights or even counsel a young adult on possible homosexual feelings they may be confused about. On the whole this law is very oppressive, however it’s the chain reaction of violence and discrimination to the LGBT community in Russia that is truly disgusting.

Russian vigilante groups have taken it upon themselves to victimize the LGBT community through violence, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and overall intimidation, all of this under Putin’s direction.

Harry Styles is in a boy band, an annoying boy band, but still just a fucking boy band. From what’s in the media Harry Styles seems like a fairly nice guy, he’s could be a bit of a dick at times behind closed doors but his media image is that of a nice person and most importantly he’s never done anything to alienate and persecute a particular group of people, because he’s just a kid in a boy band. Harry Style’s only real crime, apart from inspiring some God-awful Taylor Swift songs, is not making “real music”

Now what does this say about the priorities and the general mind set of NME readers and music fans? Well apparently making pop music is worse than persecuting the LGBT community and randomly invading a country just because you feel like it, either people don’t seem to care what’s going on in the world outside of beer soaked venues and bar chords, or everyone is un-aware and that everyone is too focused on Harry Styles “doing a thing” and being the cool person to hate to get angry about the real issues going on in the world today.

The argument could be made that the NME awards are about music so someone from the music industry should win the award. Well if that is the case then it seems pointless and stupid to even include real life villains if not to highlight the obliviousness of today’s music fans.

Music fans need to get back to hating positively and getting angry with the real issues in the world rather than hating on a kid who makes more money than them.

Words by George Metcalf (@GeorgeMetcalf_1)

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  1. “The argument could be made that the NME awards are about music so someone from the music industry should win the award.”

    That’s why Harry Styles won it instead of Putin. If the award actually meant something rather being a silly piece of fun than I’m sure the results would be different…

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