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We Say No is not just an ordinary, run of the mill clothing company. It is so much more. You’d be overlooking the focal ambitions of the initiative if you were to even think that. Their goal is simple, to help those that are in dire need of help.

A heroic (because let’s be honest, helping the helpless is heroic) movement that was launched late 2013 has already been featured in The Daily Dot, a popular internet radio station, the local newspapers and soon, an article will be published about their movement in The Guardian.

What they do is simple, they give what they get. All profit made from clothing/accessories sold go straight to charity.

They truly believe that everybody deserves a second chance in life, or at very least, a helping hand. Their plan is to storm the seas and make sure their presence is noticeable and help those in overlooked situations in the world that the media refuse to cover so they can support people on a global scale rather than being confined to the United Kingdom.

They aim to help those in failing system. People we walk past every day and don’t even bat an eyelid to. Imagine what the homeless could do with stability if we were to stop being so blinded by our own insularity. Give them shelter, give them warmth, give them a full belly and adequate healthcare and it will open up an entire new world to people less fortunate than ourselves.

These are basic living requirements that aren’t been fulfilled by our government and if one organisation’s ideology could help these humans, why wouldn’t you support it?

It’s not just the homelessness this campaign is aiming to eradicate, they also have their eyes set on:

Child poverty, fuel poverty, low income areas that are in need of development, grants to local schools for additional facilities, food poverty, victims of domestic violence, medical care and after care, drug and alcohol addiction, victims of crime, terminally ill patients and once they’re more established, natural disaster victims in developing countries and victims of disasters caused by organisations. *

If you want to help push their campaign to greater heights, they will be taking donations at the end of January 2014.

To donate to them, please follow this link www.kickstarter.com – with the donations, they will be able to buy the correct software and hardware needed for design/printing/editing of videos.

70% of this money will go towards Equipment and Inventory.

20% Kickstarter Rewards.

10% Kickstarter Costs and Fees.

They plan to do all their printing via screen print, which means all clothing bought from them will be hand printed, which means every item of clothing is printed with a lot of care. Their online shop is still being set up so unfortunately you are unable to buy any clothing at this moment in time, but they are aiming to get it up and running by April 2014.

If a hoodie is purchased from their shop, a member of staff from We Say No will go out and donate a hoodie to a homeless person or donate it to which ever cause that item of clothing is raising money for.*

Here’s what you get if you donate: (PDF HERE)

If you’re interested in getting involved or even helping the movement progress:
Give them a like on Facebook
Give them a follow on Twitter
Give them a follow on Instagram
And take a look on their website – http://wesaynoclothing.co.uk/

Words by Callum Martin (@callum__martin)


  1. “please follow this link http://www.kickstarter.com

    isn’t a link !

    can’t find we say no clothing on kickstarter

    what is going on

    • Hi Chee,

      This is Stuart from WeSayNo. I’ve just seen your comment and figured I would respond.

      We’ve been pushed back a bit on timescales and the project is going live on March 1st. Sorry for the delay, we’re just trying to make sure everything is falling into line correctly before chucking ourselves out into the public domain!

      Hopefully the guys over at Soapbox will amend or create a new article once we go live! Thanks for having a look for us and sorry for any inconvenience caused. I speak for everyone here when I say we really appreciate the support.

      All the best,

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