Weekly Roundup – November 16th – November 22nd


As another week passes, its that same time again; time to look back on who has been doing what in Brighton. This week features new tracks from Brighton Hip Hop veteran Gizmo and the first music video we have put together, enjoy!

We return to a pair of the same old names that seem to crop up every week. Ceezlin & Wizard have put together yet another absolute scorcher. “King is Coming” is the most recent in a string of high powered collaborations from the pair and they seem to be getting better and better each time. Watch out for the official music video dropping on Sunday, filmed and edited by Soapbox!

Moony returns again this week with another outstanding remix. There is a lot of international hype around the original ‘Poundcake’ instrumental, and it has been recorded over by some of the highest grossing rappers in the world. Therefore figuring out how to redesign the track into something for the UK dance floors was always going to be a considerably tough task. Moony has stepped up to the task and reworked the instrumental sensation in a melodic, soulful garage track:

Klax return to our weekly round up for the first time in a few weeks. This week they released a new feature length mix through acclaimed Soundcloud channel; FKOF. The mix itself spans through a range of genres including Dubstep, Grime and Drum & Bass. The mix also includes a collection of never before heard dubplates from the duo, so the mix is well worth a listen even if it’s just to hear the new projects the Brighton based pair have been working on.

Next up we have another video from Brighton based MC Gi3mo. ‘Irongut’ is another track off of his forthcoming album “The Untold Tale of Gary Guttersnypes” and the track itself is great.  The album is shaping up to be one of the strongest UK hip hop albums to be released this year. The video is also interesting to view. A blend of different colours wash across the screen at random as the different scenes fade between each other to create quite a trippy effect:

‘Ball So Hard’ was the track which really fired Hucci & Stooki Sound to the levels of infamy they are currently at. One of the other high-flying Trap acts to emerge out of Brighton is XXTrakt, who just this week released their remix of the Trap anthem on to their SoundCloud page. The remix itself is quite similar to the original except redesigned at a higher tempo with a new sliced up version of the original melody.

Finally, here is our pick of the week. This is another one of the Studio Sessions we shot with How’s Harry. The track is entitled Othello and was yet another memorable session in The Box

Written By Jay McDougall (@SleepyGee1)

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