Weekly Roundup – January 10th


Welcome back to our weekly round up. We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas break and a messy new years eve. Whilst everyone has been returning to normal life, the fires of creativity have been re lit and new music has started flying out again.

We kick off this weeks round up with a brand new remix from Brighton based producer J.Quest. he has reworked Drake’s “Brand New” into a trap-like composition and the change in style really works.

When it comes to elusive producers, SYZ is certainly one of them. In regards to production he seems to stay quiet for weeks and will then release an instant classic such as this one. The twisted vocal melody is a particularly enjoyable attribute, take a listen below.

Moony was another artist who had a very good 2013. Playing at Outlook festival must be seen as a highlight, as well as having a very successful radio show through out the year. Here is his latest track and the first one to be uploaded to his Soundcloud page this year.

Ozzie had an extremely strong year in regards to expanding his fan base. After playing all around the world, he returned home to release what he felt was his highlights of the year via his bandcamp page, you can listen and purchase below.

After a very successful year at our end, here is our first studio session of series 2. We start the season off with an extremely catchy track from singer/songwriter Edward Sansom, take a listen below.

Written by Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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