‘Psychedelic fresh air’ – We take a look at Onoe Caponoe’s ‘Voices From Planet Cattele’.


High Focus have certainly continued their seemingly endless run of quality releases with Onoe Caponoe’s latest project ‘Voices From Planet Cattele’. Conceptually, it fits the label perfectly. As always, an abnormal blend of psychedelic themes run throughout the very heart of the project, as well as all around the outside as well.

The idea of space is ever present, both in the unusual styles of production and within the lyricism used. It’s easy to find yourself sinking deeply into each and every verse, although the poetic genius behind ‘Disappearing Jakob’ was a clear highlight. The same could also be said for ‘Goth Bitches’.

A nice addition which seems to be a rarity on modern hip hop albums is the 90% instrumental track ‘Moon’. This gives a good amount of time for us to appreciate the stunning behind the scenes work from fellow London hip hop veteran Chemo, who was the lead producer throughout the whole project. His production style ranges from the timeless hip hop rhythms used on ‘Space Bitches’ and ‘Paint Your Body Gold’ to the wildly experimental ideas used in ‘Space Jungles of Cattele’ and ‘Goth Bitches’, which features UK hip hop legend Jehst.

For a debut album being released through High Focus, this project really pushes the boat out in regards to genuinely experimenting within a genre that seems to have grown a little stale of late. A breath of fresh air was needed and perhaps this is just that!

Be sure to purchase the album from the by clicking here!

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