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Battle rap both as a culture and an art form has grown enormously all over the world over the past couple of years. This growth has both increased its exposure and its fan base, making it one of the most vibrant scenes to be involved in.

One of the UK’s top battle rappers, Unanymous, recently performed alongside a huge roster of world class performers at Don’t Flops 5th Birthday weekend. We decided to catch up with him and discuss a few topics which have been jumping around the Battle world as of late.

Firstly we talked about performing on that 5th Birthday card and how it felt to go from battling in pub gardens to battling one of the living legends of the Battle Rap world, Dizaster. “Well when I was 16-17 and had no idea what style was or even what being individual was, I just followed trends to fit in. So to go from wishing it was me with Sensa and Cruger spitting multis in a park, to battling Dizaster a handful of years later, is a huge accomplishment for me.” He went on to talk about how Dizaster was an obvious influence. “Of course I’m influenced by Dizaster, his legacy in battle rap is clear to see. He was a favourite of mine to watch growing up (maybe not so much anymore), and maybe that showed more when I was a younger guy, but all the real heads know that I ain’t on some biter shit, I ain’t gotta justify that.”

“The word is that I beat Diz. It felt fucking good, because he’s an asshole. It honestly wasn’t as surreal or as intimidating as I thought it would be, that’s why I just stayed cool. People forget we’re at these events just to rap and display . all that extra shit belongs in a circus or something. But yeah performing in front of that many people, against a prolific head like Dizaster made me feel like a BOWSE.”

Unanymous didn’t make this leap quickly either. He has been in and around the UK battle scene for a number of years, so he has seen its growth and helped it to do so. “To be honest it just makes me more proud to be a part of it, because I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it mentally. it definitely makes us act like divas more, none of us are red carpet celebrities, sometimes we forget that. Some guys win a clash, egos inflate, to the point they think the universe owes them something. But I like to think ‘rap battling’ didn’t shape my mentality as a person. I put that down to life experience, I also don’t think my presence helped it develop into to whats it’s become, although i’m flattered if people do. I’m just proud that I can entertain more people now and perform on a higher scale. so yeah, to go from the awkward 17-year-old kid who raps with a bit of a yank accent to having a thousand people chant ‘UUUUUUUNAAAANN’ is super SUPER humbling.”

Internationals are one way in which Don’t Flop draws the bigger crowds. We asked if there was anyone specific he would like to face internationally, as after the Dizaster performance, he is clearly in a position to warrant further match ups. “Thanks man. I appreciate that. as for international opponents, if they offer me a match and it’s appealing, I’ll do it.. wouldn’t mind a shot at a URL guy to really prove myself.”
International matches can be hit and miss though, so we decided to see if there was a particular top 3 over rated rappers in the world in his opinion. “I think that phrase is thrown about a bit to much, people like who they like and I’m sure they have reasons, I don’t want to name drop because I wouldn’t like if somebody said I was over rated.”

Battle rappers are often involved in this scene to promote their music. When asked if he had any specific plans regarding recording some new material he replied “of course, but battle rap gets you caught up and you forget about the music side of things at times, but I got stuff in the pipeline and an aim of mine is to drop at least a mixtape and a few music videos and freestyles this year and show people I’m versatile.

He finished this insightful interview with a simple “stay tuned, follow me on twitter :@unanymousmate, instagram: @unanymousmate. PEACE to all”

Be sure to check out Unanymous’ most recent battle against Chris Leese, which is being released on Saturday the 8th of February on www.youtube.com/dontflop

Questions by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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