Trickstar Goes DAB


Trickstar Radio, Brighton’s young and burgeoning internet radio station, has just received a licence to start broadcasting over DAB. The underground music station, which has a focus on urban electronic music, has in recent times acted as a launch pad for some of the city’s most promising musical careers, and prides itself on giving Brighton DJs “a solid platform to showcase their talent”.

Operating from Dyke Road for around a year and a half, Trickstar Radio has an impressive roster of over fifty artists, including Pavv, High Rankin, Tigerlight, KXVU, Masso, Maz & Kilo, and Bushbaby. The station created a lot of buzz this summer, after police forced the closure of its stage area during Pride due to unexpected popularity and overcrowding.

“We’ll be able to reach so many more people”

Founder and station manager Si was optimistic about the switch to DAB. “It’s a bigger platform to broadcast with, obviously us being accessible via cars and general DAB radios means we’ll be able to reach so many more people”. Previously, Trickstar radio was only accessible through its website, which severely limited its audience.

DAB, or digital audio broadcasting, is widely seen as the future of radio broadcasting across Europe, with countries such as Norway opting to phase out their FM service in favour of the newer and more robust technology.

To listen to Trickstar radio, retune your DAB set, or listen online at

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