Timbah – Flow Poke EP – Review


Timbah is a name which seems to sneaking onto everyone’s radar as of late. His latest release, “Flow Poke”, was released via Bad Taste on February 10th and is clearly his greatest project to date. The EP consists of four original compositions and three additional remixes to bulk out the release.

The styles within the EP seem to vary quite rapidly throughout the four original tracks. When you start the EP and listen to Flow Poke, your ears begin to bear witness to some of the weirdest melodies imaginable. When you then combine this with the pulsating drum patterns usually found within Grime instrumentals, you are in for a serious ride.

It comes down to the fact that two tracks can be described with the phrase “structured lunacy”, these two tracks being “Flow Poke” and “Head”. The other two in comparison can be labelled straight evil, there isn’t really any other way to describe “Thunder Clacks” and “Lady Raincorn.” The gritty brass sounding lead instrument pulsates at the forefront of the mix whilst the drum loops are left to have a tantrum in their own corner.

The contrasting styles featured on this EP show that Timbah as a producer can really exploit the different areas of a genre whilst maintaining his rough edged sound. When it comes to naming that genre, you may as well ask a puppy if he prefers magenta or lilac. Elements of Grime, Dancehall, Trap and a thousand other influences all smashed together to create a pack of monsters, waiting to wreak havoc upon a dance floor.

The EP also comes complete with three official remixes. These include Druid Cloak’s “Alice in Wonderland-like” take on Flow Poke, a futuristic bassline remix of “My Head” by Murlo. Finally what sounds like a fusion of the spirit of Missy Elliot with Breakbeat makes up Tony Quattro’s remix of “Thunder Claps.”

Timbah certainly has a productive career ahead of him if he continues to release music as interesting and creative as this.
Be sure to download the release from the following link

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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