Tim Watt: Acoustic Session + Q&A

A few of the team met with Tim Watt in London, an acoustic singer/songwriter whom combines the sweet chords of his guitar with an incredible talent for harmonica playing alongside the raw power of his voice, which shakes you down to the ground. We met up near Tower Bridge on a Tuesday evening, and, as daylight faded, he gave us a fantastic acoustic session out on the grass with a perfect backdrop before answering a few questions we had about him. Check the video of his session below and then have a read of the quick Q&A we conducted, giving us a good insight into what to expect from the individual, his personal influences and touring recollections.

You’ve been on tour a couple of times in Europe and America. Where did you go and what was the reception like? And you’re touring soon?

I have played some shows in New York and the Neon Reverb festival in Las Vegas. More recently I’ve performed in Amsterdam and Paris.
The reception in Europe seems to be slightly more enthusiastic, especially in Paris where I have been performing recently. I am returning to Paris in early May to perform which I’m very much looking forward to.

Do you write all your songs yourself? Or do you sometimes tend to do covers to get some inspiration?

I have co-written in bands before but with my solo music it is all of my own compositions.
I think it is inevitable that you will gain some form of inspiration when covering songs by artists you admire. The way the artist sings or plays the song, there is always the opportunity to try and replicate that in your own representation of the music you create.

You can sense the feeling and emotion in every one of your songs, what drives this? Certain motivators?

I think every song I write needs to hold some element of emotion. When you can feel the emotion in a song is when you are really captured by it. A moment or event in every day life could motivate ideas in my writing. Sometimes it can purely be third party, as if I’m singing a fictionary tale. It’s still very important for me to deliver every line with soul. A listener can soon sense if you do not come across as genuine or truthful on the content of what you are singing about.

When did you first start singing? Has it been a lifelong aspiration or dream in the middle of the night dealeo?

I started singing at the same time of learning guitar. The two came hand in hand really. I was around 15 years old. I started out playing in some bands through school. It soon became apparent to me that playing music is what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve worked in various bands/projects through the years but at the same time continually worked as a solo artist.

What can we expect to see from Tim Watt in the next year?

I hope to be entering the studio soon to record and release some new material. Hopefully some more shows in Europe.

Do you like the look of the video?

Yes, very much so! I think performing in view of Tower Bridge with the sun setting made a striking backdrop for the video.

Where can people find copies of your music?

There are currently a few songs available for free download via my Facebook page. There is also a wide range of my music via YouTube.

Any tip of the hats to anyone in particular?

I’d like to thank Soapbox. Particularly Max Necus and his crew for their excellent work on the video shoot. Thanks to my girlfriend Caroline Aouat for her amazing support. To anyone who has come to one of my shows or taken the time to listen to my music, I thank you very much for your support. It means a great deal to me.

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