Three Times the Music Industry Won

From time to time everybody loves a good rant about how the music industry ruins so many artists, or about how certain songs were made only to sell records. The majority of the time it’s a justified point to make.The music industry is one of the most complicated organisms in the world of business, and tirelessly a select set of geniuses continue to sell shoddy pop music with a 20 year old formula to the world. We decided to take a look at three of the finest pieces of pop marketing in the modern era and explain how the wool was well and truly pulled over our eyes.



How did Pitbull even become a topic of conversation at all, anywhere, ever? I hate to tell people that they are talentless, but, there is no other word which could be used to sum up the insufferable, Gucci wearing, Sean Paul impressionist.

Somehow, the geniuses at whatever satanic worshipping label Pitbull is signed to have managed to mould him into a household name in the pop world, without removing any of his awfulness. Just look at it for a second, it’s hilarious. Nobody knows quite what he is, a rapper, a singer, a poet or simply an avid follower of Cthulhu. This is a perfect example of how having the right marketing team can make anyone a pop star; literally anybody.

Justin Bieber meets Chance The Rapperjustin-bieber-chance-the-rapper-650-430

This is perhaps my favourite industry move out of all of the 3 selected. Being the teen pop idol that he is, Justin Bieber probably receives more negative feedback in comments sections than any other artist in the world. Unfortunately for him teenage girls don’t stay teenage girls forever and because of this it seems his team of marketing minions hatched a plan to reintroduce Bieber to a new market. The method was well thought out indeed. They hunted down a rap act that was seen as cool, underground and stood for the opposite of everything that Justin Bieber’s image represented at the time.

Unfortunately for Chance The Rapper, he was selected. Everything that happens on their collaboration track ‘Confident’ throws Bieber into the limelight and pushes Chance to the side. Chance The Rapper appears for only a short segment on the final verse of the track, after two solo verses and chorus sections from Bieber, meaning fans were forced to listen to around 2 and a half minutes of Bieber in the process. By this point Bieber’s new style of vocal projection had been created to appeal to a more underground hip-hop audience, so incredibly, the majority of Chance fans who had been lured into listening to the track, left saying “Oh, Justin Bieber is alright actually”.

If you think that this is Bieber stopping making pop music, you are much mistaken. This new approach is simply the result of his maturing fan base, who no longer want to listen to teenage ballads of complete nonesense.

2 Chainz

First of all can anyone name a single attribute as a rapper that 2 Chainz excels in? Nope, we couldn’t find any either. This is another example of the music industry shutting the blinds on the right windows at the right time. The method behind this particular mask of genius is quite simple; throw 2 Chainz in as a feature with as many artists as possible, and eventually he will become a household name.

If you look at it closely, he has appeared alongside Kanye West, Drake, Big Sean, and probably thousands of others that my brain has desperately removed from my memory. Yet through all of this, I can’t name a single 2Chainz lyric or even a solo track. I can’t really find an attribute that the dude has going for himself, except the thousands of dollars he has managed to accumulate through being Hip Hop’s greatest sideman.

To conclude, it seems pretty obvious that talent is no longer a prerequisite of success (if it ever was). Marketing trumps music in today’s industry – as long as you have the right team behind you, anything is possible, in a bad way.

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